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COMM 5220 (formerly 522)

Introduction to Communication Research

  • Fall 2022
  • Fall 2023

The logic of scientific inquiry and the nature of research. Hypothesis development, research design, field and laboratory observation and experimentation, measurement, interviewing and content analysis, sampling, and basic statistical analysis. Required of all degree candidates. Open only to graduate communication students.

COMM 8630 (formerly 863)

Utilizing Mixed Methods in Communication Research

This course will focus on applying principles and best practices in designing and conducting mixed methods research to address communication research questions and develop communication interventions. Through this course, students will 1) learn how rigorous qualitative and quantitative methods can be integrated to answer complex research questions, 2) appreciate the relative strengths and limitations of qualitative and quantitative data, 3) understand the rationale, benefits, and tradeoffs of commonly utilized mixed methods study designs, and 4) practice designing a mixed methods investigation. We will learn different aspects developing, conducting, reporting, and evaluating mixed methods studies, and read examples of communication research studies that utilized mixed methods. We will review the best practices, strengths, and challenges of utilizing mixed methods to answer communication research questions drawing from these examples. This course requires prior completion of introductory coursework in quantitative and qualitative research methods. Prerequisites: COMM 5220 Introduction to Communication Research and COMM 5230 Qualitative Ways of Knowing, or similar coursework.