Annenberg Conversations to Focus on Public Service in a Time of Polarization in 2022-2023 Academic Year

This year's Annenberg Conversations event series will focus on civic engagement during turbulent times.

The Annenberg School for Communication is pleased to announce the theme for the third-annual Annenberg Conversations event series: Public Service in a Time of Polarization.

The series is designed to engage Communication research and scholarship on topical issues, and each conversation will feature a member of the Annenberg community in dialogue with one or more interlocutors from outside the school, drawing upon diverse perspectives, experiences, and expertise — including academics, activists, artists, and many others.

Annenberg Conversations on Public Service in a Time of Polarization events are dialogues designed to explore the increasing polarization and partisanship of the U.S. political system and across the globe. Participants will discuss what it means to take these sociocultural and sociopolitical schisms seriously and how one might be an effective member of the larger body politic in such a fractured environment.

Annenberg Conversations on Public Service in a Time of Polarization

The first event this year will take place on October 14 and will feature Associate Professor Yphtach Lelkes in conversation with Andrew M. Guess, an assistant professor of politics and public affairs at Princeton University. Lelkes and Guess will discuss fake, low-quality and biased news — drawing on Guess’s research on how people choose, process, spread, and respond to information about politics and Lelkes’s research on the antecedents, structure, and consequences of citizens’ political attitudes.

Information about additional talks in the series will be posted on Annenberg’s event page as it becomes available. All 2022-23 conversations are hybrid events — held at the Annenberg School for Communication and broadcasted online over Zoom — and are open to the public.

During the 2021-22 academic year, Annenberg Conversations events focused on gender. In its inaugural year of 2020-21, the topic was race in America. You can watch all previous Annenberg Conversations events on YouTube.