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Atmospheric Scientist and Science Communicator J. Marshall Shepherd delivers 2024 Annenberg Lecture

Shepherd discussed the complex problem of climate change and the importance of communicating it clearly.


Experiencing Extreme Weather Predicts Support for Policies to Mitigate Effects of Climate Change

A new survey from the Annenberg Public Policy Center finds that exposure to severe weather is associated with greater support for policies that address the effects of climate change.


Psychologist and Neuroscientist Emily Falk to Lead APPC’s New Climate Communication Division

As part of its 30th anniversary celebration, the Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) has opened a new area of research, the Climate Communication division.


‘Politicians in Robes’: How a Sharp Right Turn Imperiled Trust in the Supreme Court

A new study from the Annenberg Public Policy Center found that after the 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson ruling, Americans held polarized views of the Supreme Court for the first time in decades.


Confidence in Science Remains High, But Public Questions Adherence to Science’s Norms

Members of the Strategic Council of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, including Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson, explore U.S. public confidence in science.

Research and the Fight Against Misinformation

Across two decades, the Annenberg Public Policy Center project expanded by adding scientific fact checking, translating content into Spanish, and addressing viral social media misinformation.


Over a Third of Americans Worry About Getting the Flu, RSV, or COVID-19

Over a third of American adults worry that they or someone in their family will get the seasonal flu, COVID-19...

Vaccine Confidence Falls as Belief in Health Misinformation Grows

Americans have less confidence in vaccines to address a variety of illnesses than they did just a year or two...


Many Don’t Know Key Facts About U.S. Constitution, Annenberg Civics Study Finds

Many Americans do not know what rights are protected under the First Amendment and a substantial number cannot name all three branches of government, according to the 2023 Annenberg Constitution Day Civics Survey.


Survey Finds Gaps in Knowledge About Maternal Health

New survey data from the Annenberg Public Policy Center reveals that there are substantial gaps in Americans' knowledge about maternal health.