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Thinking Beyond Yourself Can Make You More Open to Healthy Lifestyle Choices

A new study investigated how people respond to health messaging.


Educational Program Successful at Reducing Forced Sex in South African Adolescents

Given to sixth graders, the 12 hour program had effects lasting for at least four years.


Annenberg Alumna Jenny Stromer-Galley (Ph.D. ‘02) Studies Political Communication and Develops Apps for Intelligence Analysts

Stromer-Galley has been studying campaign messaging since she encountered Bob Dole’s website in 1996.


Debunking Study Suggests Ways to Counter Misinformation and Correct ‘Fake News’

Debunking is more effective — and misinformation is less persistent — when an audience develops an explanation for the corrected information.


New Meta-Analysis Shows Peer Influence Doubles the Risk Adolescents Will Smoke

Teens from collectivistic cultures also more swayed by peers than those in individualistic cultures.

Faculty News

Falk Wins 2017 ICA Young Scholar Award

Awardees are selected based on the strength of their published work and the potential of future scholarship.


TCORS Study Shows Effectiveness of Testimonial Warning Labels on Tobacco Products

Warning labels featuring photos of real smokers who were harmed by their habit were more effective than text-only labels.


Pope’s Encyclical Did Not Raise Broad Public Concern Over Climate Change

Study finds little overall change in concern among Catholics and non-Catholics.


Want To Exercise More? Get Yourself Some Competition.

In a new study, competition proved a far stronger motivation for exercise than friendly support.


Cigarette Warnings with Images Better at Conveying Risks of Smoking

Study uses real-world approach to test pictorial warning labels