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Studying ‘Hunters and Busybodies,’ Researchers Measure Different Types of Curiosity

Their analysis opens doors for using curiosity as a tool to improve learning and life satisfaction.


Why Independent Cultures Think Alike When It Comes to Categories: It's Not in the Brain

In contrast to prior hypotheses, this experiment shows that people are not born with category systems already in their brains.


Delivering the News with Humor Makes Young Adults More Likely to Remember and Share

A new study found that news clips involving humor activated more brain regions than non-humorous clips.

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Black Media-Makers and the Fierce Urgency of Now

Professor Sarah J. Jackson organized a day-long symposium focused on the unique challenges experienced by Black storytellers.

Faculty News

Falk Wins 2020 SANS Early Career Award

This award is the newest in a series of early career awards Falk has received.


In Conversation with Emile Bruneau: A Video Series

Watch Bruneau explain his research in his own words.


Google News Prioritizes National Media over Local

Users are less likely to see local news results, and the local news they do see appears lower on the results list.


Annenberg Alumni News, Fall 2020

The latest news from Annenberg School graduate alumni.


Annenberg Presentations at NCA 2020

We've compiled a helpful list of all presentations being given by Annenberg authors.