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Addiction, Health, and Adolescence (AHA!) Lab

Research Staff

Meet the Addiction, Health, and Adolescence Lab's research staff.

Student Researchers

Priya Bhavikatti

Priya Bhavikatti, a candidate for a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Pennsylvania, studying Economics, Visual Studies, and Neuroscience, leverages her expertise in marketing and data analysis as a Marketing Research Assistant at Ulises 2024 and a Graphic Design Intern at the Neighborhood Land Power Project. At Quantum Camera and through design courses, she explores visual studies through research and photography. She serves on the marketing roles of Wharton Women and Bloomers Sketch Comedy, and as a PEER Mentor under the Pan-Asian American Community House, she guides first-year Asian and Pacific Islander students to adjust to college life. With the AHA! Lab, she is integrating sustainability themes into AHA! Lab courses.

Gabrielle Jean

Gabriella Jean, an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with minors in Statistics and Theater Arts, is excited about delving into her first research project with the AHA! Lab. She is working with data on fluctuations in withdrawal in daily cigarette smokers and examining how those fluctuations are related to exposure to everyday stressors. Beyond academia, Gabriella co-founded BBloom, a pro-bono consulting organization empowering Caribbean small businesses amidst economic challenges. Additionally, her dedication to education shines through tutoring elementary school children in coding in West Philly and contributing to the vibrant cultural landscape at the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, where she expresses her passion for theater.