Annenberg Faculty and Alumni Join Journal of Communication Editorial Board

Among the most prestigious journals in the field of Communication, the Journal of Communication publishes the best Communication scholarship, including interdisciplinary research. Nine Annenberg alumni and one faculty member recently assumed editorial roles at the Journal of Communication, the flagship journal of the International Communication Association.

A journal’s editorial board is comprised of well-respected scholars in the field who advise and support the editor. As ambassadors and peer reviewers for the journal, the members of the editorial board must be prominent academics. Serving on a journal’s editorial board is both an honor and a great responsibility.

The journal’s editor — currently R. Lance Holbert of Temple University — is supported by 12 Associate Editors, four of whom are Annenberg alumni newly appointed to the role. They include:

  • Chul-joo “CJ” Lee (Ph.D. ‘09), Seoul National University;
  • Adrienne Shaw (Ph.D. ‘10), Temple University;
  • Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt (Ph.D. ‘11), Hebrew University of Jerusalem; and
  • Magdalena Wojcieszak (Ph.D. ‘09), University of California-Davis.

In addition, five Annenberg alumni have joined the Editorial Board:

  • Bruce W. Hardy (Ph.D. ‘10), Temple University;
  • Shawnika Hull (Ph.D. ‘10), The George Washington University;
  • Lee Humphreys (Ph.D. ‘07), Cornell University;
  • Lilach Nir (Ph.D. ‘04), Hebrew University of Jerusalem; and
  • Dannagal G. Young (Ph.D. ‘07), University of Delaware.

Annenberg Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson also joined the Editorial Board.

These newcomers are welcomed by six Annenberg alumni and five Annenberg faculty members who are continuing their tenure on the Editorial Board. The alumni include:

  • Amy Jordan (Ph.D. ‘90), Rutgers University;
  • Robin L. Nabi (Ph.D. ‘98), University of California-Santa Barbara;
  • Jeff Niederdeppe (Ph.D. ‘06), Cornell University;
  • Natalie Jomini Stroud (Ph.D. ‘06), University of Texas-Austin;
  • Karin Gwinn Wilkins (Ph.D. ‘91), University of Texas-Austin; and
  • Itzhak Yanovitzky (Ph.D. ‘00), Rutgers University.

The Annenberg faculty continuing on the Editorial Board include:

  • Professor Joseph N. Cappella,
  • Dean Michael X. Delli Carpini,
  • Professor Robert C. Hornik,
  • Professor Marwan M. Kraidy, and
  • Professor Barbie Zelizer (Ph.D. ’90).

Congratulations to each of these alumni and faculty members!