Annenberg Presentations at IAMCR 2019

We've compiled a helpful list of all presentations being given by Annenberg authors.

By Ashton Yount

Eleven Annenberg faculty members and graduate students will present at the International Association for Media and Communication Research’s 2019 Conference, to be held July 7-11 in Madrid, Spain.

The presentations are listed below. All events will be held at the Complutense University of Madrid. For the full program, visit IAMCR’s conference website.

Monday, July 8


Algorithms and Privacy

  • Oscar Gandy, Jr. — “The Algorithm Made Me Do It! Predictive Policing, Cameras, Social Media and Affective Assessment”

Environmental Media and Communication Studies: Today and Tomorrow

  • Hanna E. Morris — “Rise of the ‘Anthropocene’: Assessing the Conceptual Contours of an Emergent Climate News Frame”

New Models of Digital News & Journalism

  • Victor Pickard — “With Crisis Comes Opportunity: Imagining a Post-Capitalist Future for Journalism”


PANEL: Memories of/and Authoritarianism

  • Barbie Zelizer — “When Authoritarianism Comes to Stay”

Tuesday, July 9


Transportation/Video Games

  • Oscar Gandy, Jr. — “Transportation and Smart City Imaginaries: A Critical Analysis of Proposals for the USDOT Smart City Challenge”

Urban Studies and Youth Culture

  • Arlene Fernández — “Disrupting Bodegas: Corner Stores, Immigrant Mythologies, and the Consumption of Urban Authenticity”


Plenary Session Two: Communication Technology and Freedom

  • Monroe Price — Speaker


Platforms Policy, Net Neutrality and Tycoons

  • Pawel Popiel — “Lost in Translation? Public Policy Input and the 2017 Net Neutrality Repeal”

PANEL: Broadcasting under Colonial Rule: Institutions, Policies, and Voices

  • Barbie Zelizer — Chair

Media and Identity Formation

  • Jeanna Sybert — “’How We Mourned’: Memory Institutions in the Aftermath of American Mass Shootings”

PANEL: Global Perspectives on NGO and Non-Profit Communications for Social Change

  • Guobin Yang — Discussant

Wednesday, July 10


Audiovisual Policies around the World

  • Pawel Popiel — “Let’s Talk about Regulation: The Revolving Door, Partisanship, and Regulatory Discourses at the FCC”

Thursday, July 11


Rhythmic Audiences

  • Celeste Wagner and Marwan M. Kraidy — “Watching Turkish Television Drama in Latin America: The Case of Argentina”