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Diana Mutz Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Mutz is one of four Penn faculty elected this year.

Faculty News

The Influence and Importance of Language

Labels for what happened January 6 at the U.S. Capitol were very different from those used to describe the Black Lives Matter movement or the 2020 election results.


Annenberg Presentations at APSA 2019

We've compiled a helpful list of all presentations being given by Annenberg authors.

Faculty News

Mutz Receives Grant to Monitor Political Incivility in Media

She will improve the ability of measuring tools to accurately identify incivility expressed in mainstream political discourse.

Faculty News

Mutz Wins 2019 AAPOR Book Award

The award recognizes books that have influenced our understanding of public opinion or survey methodology.

Faculty News

Professors González-Bailón and Mutz to Participate in Research Partnership with Facebook

González-Bailón and Mutz will advise how data might be divided into subsets for further study.


Liberals Do Drink More Lattes, But Maybe Not For the Reasons You Think

A new study found that liberals are more open to globalization, while conservatives are more nationalistic.


Fear of Losing Status, Not Economic Hardship, Drove Voters in 2016 Presidential Election

Socially dominant groups supported the candidate who most emphasized reestablishing status hierarchies of the past.

Faculty News

Mutz Wins Doris Graber Award from American Political Science Association

Mutz won for her book In-Your-Face Politics: The Consequences of Uncivil Media.

Faculty News

Mutz Awarded 2017 Andrew Carnegie Fellowship

Mutz will study the growing backlash against globalization in Europe and North America.