Annenberg Presentations at APSA 2019

We've compiled a helpful list of all presentations being given by Annenberg authors.

By Ashton Yount

Eleven Annenberg faculty members and graduate students will present at the American Political Science Association’s 2019 Meeting, to be held August 29 – September 1 in Washington, D.C.

The presentations are listed below. For the full program, visit APSA’s conference website.

Wednesday, August 28

Preconference Panels

Misinformation and Propaganda around the Globe

  • Ozan Kuru — "Understanding Informational Processing in WhatsApp Groups: A Comparative Study of User Perceptions and Practices in Turkey, Singapore, and the USA"

Institutions and Behavior in Troubled Times

  • Dominik Stecula — "Party Cues in the News: Elite Opinion Leadership and American Attitudes Towards Climate Change"

The Deep Roots of Troubled Times

  • Tyler Leigh, Alex Tolkin, Lizzie Martin, and Diana C. Mutz — “Perceptions of Polarization Among Facebook Users”

Thursday, August 29


Incivility and Being Mad Online (Hilton, Columbia 4)

  • Jin Woo Kim — “How Online Comments Affect Polarization and Incivility”
  • Yphtach Lelkes — “The Constraint Affordance and Political Discourse”

Friday, August 30


Communicating Politics Online (Hilton, Tenleytwon West)

  • Jin Woo Kim — Chair


The Dynamics of Climate Policy Support in the U.S. (Marriott, Virginia C)

  • Dominik Stecula — Discussant


MPSA Council Meeting (Petits-Plats)

  • Diana C. Mutz — Chair


The Role of Emotions in Politics (Hilton, Gunston West)

  • Jin Woo Kim — Discussant


Formation of Mass Attitudes (Hilton, Columbia 12)

  • Daniel J. Hopkins — “The Feedback Effects of Market-Based Policy: Evidence from ACA Opinions”

Responses to the Trump Administration (Hilton, Columbia 2)

  • Lizzie Martin, Diana C. Mutz, Tyler Leigh, and Alexander Tolkin — “Trade and Immigration: Failures of Opinion Leadership in the Trump Presidency”


Political Psychology Section Business Meeting (Hilton, Fairchild West)

  • Daniel J. Hopkins — Chair

Saturday, August 31


Elites in the News (Hilton, Columbia 12)

  • Dominik Stecula — “News Consumption Patterns of Political Elites in the U.S.”

Polling Results and Voters’ Perceptions (Hilton, Columbia 1)

  • Yphtach Lelkes — “What Election Forecasts Mean for Electoral Competition and Voter Turnout”


#MeToo and Responses to Sexual Harassment (Hilton, Columbia 11)

  • Alexander Tolkin, Diana C. Mutz, Tyler Leigh, and Lizzie Martin — “Kavanaugh and the Court: Institutional Legitimacy in the #MeToo Era”


Understanding Attitudes toward Immigration (Hilton, Tenleytown West)

  • Daniel J. Hopkins — Discussant


Media Effects (Hilton, Columbia 12)

  • Kathleen Hall Jamieson — “Disentangling Debate and Media Effects in the 2016 Elections”

Sunday, September 1


How Spatial Context and Institutions Affect Behavior and Distributive Outcomes (Marriott, Virginia C)

  • Daniel J. Hopkins — “Changing Demographics, Changing Votes? Local Demographic Changes and Vote Choice”

Political Polarization (Hilton, Rock Creek)

  • Hey-Yon Lee and Yphtach Lelkes — “Positive Partisanship: Partisans are Primarily Motivated by In-Party Favoritism”

Truth and/or Consequences (Hilton, Tenleytown West)

  • Dominik Stecula — Chair