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Penn Students Research Which Americans Are Most Isolationist — and It May Not Be Who You Think

Prof. Diana Mutz’s course, designed to teach and implement research methodology, discovered a major shift in young Americans’ isolationist views on foreign aid.


How Do Media Depictions of Tobacco Influence Smoking Decisions for Young Adults?

Two studies from the Annenberg School for Communication’s Robert Hornik find that media portrayals of such behaviors can change actions and perception, but how and by how much depends on a range of factors.


Do Shared Life Experiences Make It Harder to Understand Others?

A new study reveals that having similar life experiences can actually diminish our ability to perceive other people’s unique feelings and circumstances.

Faculty News

Desmond Patton Appointed Penn Integrates Knowledge University Professor

Interim President Wendell Pritchett and Interim Provost Beth Winkelstein announce the appointment of Desmond Upton Patton as the University of Pennsylvania’s thirty-first Penn Integrates Knowledge University Professor, effective July 1, 2022.

Call for Submissions

MIC Center Recruiting a Postdoctoral Researcher

The MIC Center Is Recruiting a Post-doctoral Researcher to Focus on the Political Economy of Local Media.

Undergraduate News

Jo Piazza (C'02) Delivers 2022 Communication Major Graduation Speech

The author and journalist encouraged students to be as adaptable throughout their careers as they were during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Faculty News

At Commencement, Jamieson Hails Penn’s Role in Fighting Pandemic

In speaking to the classes of 2020 and 2021 master’s and doctoral degrees, Kathleen Hall Jamieson involved the losses wrought by the pandemic — and lauded the Penn community's efforts in combating the coronavirus.


Are Republicans and Democrats Driven By Hatred of One Another? Less Than You Think.

Rather than being fueled by animosity for the other side — negative partisanship — a new study finds that Americans are at least as motivated by the passion they have for their own party.

Faculty News

Global Media Scholar Juan Llamas-Rodriguez to Join Annenberg Faculty

Llamas-Rodriguez's research interests include media representations of the U.S./Mexico border and the proliferation of media content that transcends borders.

Undergraduate News

2022 Undergraduate Communication Major Award Winners

Eight students were recognized for their outstanding achievements with awards from the Annenberg School.