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New Study Finds Visuals of Vaping in E-Cigarette Advertisements Increase Anti-Vaping Beliefs and Policy Opinions

When vaping portrayals are reminiscent of cigarette smoking, viewers are likely to form negative opinions of vaping.


Educational Program Successful at Reducing Forced Sex in South African Adolescents

Given to sixth graders, the 12 hour program had effects lasting for at least four years.


Alarm and Response for Emerging Health Threats: Social Media, News and Zika

Traditional news accounts and Twitter messages had different associations with risk perceptions and behavior during the 2016 U.S. Zika virus outbreak.


Pro-Tobacco Videos on YouTube Sway Young Adults on E-Cigarettes and Hookahs

While cigarette advertising and marketing have been restricted in one way or another since the ’60s, videos on YouTube are largely unregulated.


Parents Say Gun Violence in PG-13 Movies Appropriate for Teens 15 and Up

Past studies found that gun violence in PG-13 movies has more than doubled since 1984.


Fishman Receives Everett Lee Hunt Award

The award recognizes her book Death Makes the News.

Graduate Student News

Doctoral Student Hanna Morris Uses Interdisciplinary Methods to Study Climate Change Communication

A lifelong environmental activist, Morris is developing an approach to studying environmental communication.


False Beliefs About MMR Vaccine Found to Influence Acceptance of Zika Vaccine

However, people who believe in the power of science are more likely to use vaccines.


Probabilistic Forecasting Can Mislead Voters About Certainty of Election Outcomes

In 2016, probabilistic forecasts left voters thinking the election was far less competitive than it actually was.

Faculty News

Zelizer and Kraidy Published in Special ISIS-Focused Edition of Critical Studies in Media Communication

Zelizer considers Islamic State's journalistic style, and Kraidy explores Islamic State's use of images.