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What Statistics are Most Likely to Promote Positive Actions During a Pandemic?

A new study from PIK Professor Dolores Albarracín and Research Associate Haesung Annie Jung finds that some COVID statistics are more effective than others at encouraging people to change their behavior.


Annenberg Researchers Receive Medical Communication Grants

One-year grants of $50,000 each were awarded to projects addressing the communication of medical information.


Pre-Pandemic Conspiratorial Mindset Predicted Hesitance to Accept Covid-19 Vaccine

A new study finds that acceptance of pre-pandemic conspiracy theories has an association with acceptance of Covid-19 conspiracy theories.


The monkeypox outbreak: What we learned so far, and what could be better

Penn experts, including Annenberg professor Andy Tan, discuss the response to the monkeypox outbreak and how the public can be better informed for the future.

Faculty News

Annenberg and Penn Medicine Researchers Receive $3 Million NIH Grant To Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities in HIV Care

Over the next 5 years, the team will explore methods to address structural racism and discrimination in HIV clinics across Philadelphia.


The Future of Globalization in a Fracturing World

Perry World House’s 2022 Global Order Colloquium hosted experts from government, the media, and across the University to tackle the topic of the state of globalization.


Public Knowledge of Monkeypox Increases But Over 1 in 4 Unlikely to Get Vaccinated if Exposed

The public’s knowledge about monkeypox has increased rapidly in recent weeks though misconceptions and uncertainty persist.


What Makes Us Share Posts on Social Media?

A new study reveals that we share the social media posts that we think are the most relevant to ourselves or to our friends and family.


Which Teens Are More Likely to Vape? Research Shows Surprising Patterns Across Race and Sexuality Groups

A new study aims to examine differences in current e-cigarette use prevalence among US youth at the intersections of sexual orientation with race and ethnicity.

Doctoral Students Take Part in Community-Engaged Research Mentorship Program

This summer, doctoral students Danielle Clark and Darin Johnson gained hands-on research experience working in the Philadelphia community.