Dana Roll

Dana Roll

Dana Roll
  • Predoctoral Visiting Scholar, Social Action Lab

Dana Roll is interested in the social and cognitive underpinnings of human behavior, specifically the relationship between social dynamics and individual decisions, perceptions and actions.

Roll graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Psychology from Reichman University (formerly the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya) in 2018. During her undergraduate studies, she participated in the "Brain and Mind" program for outstanding students, joining Prof. Daniel Levy’s Neurocognitive lab. There, she contributed to a neuropsychological project investigating the role of the posterior parietal lobe in episodic memory.

Following graduation, Dana joined Prof. Tom Schonberg’s lab at Tel-Aviv University as an academic lab manager, delving into the neural mechanisms underlying value-based decision-making and behavior change. Her involvement encompassed neuroimaging, behavioral and physiological projects, examining questions such as the long-term effects of are different behavioral change manipulations, and how habits are formed and manifested in the brain.

Simultaneously, Dana received a distinction scholarship for her master's studies in the brain and cognition track at Tel-Aviv University’s psychology department. Under the supervision of Prof. Liad Mudrik, her master's thesis investigated top-down effects on visual perception, particularly focusing on the role of attention in biasing interpretation of ambiguous images. Dana earned her master’s degree in psychology from Tel-Aviv University in 2021.

Dana's research journey has fostered a deep appreciation for interdisciplinary approaches, particularly at the intersection of cognition, behavior, and social dynamics. Her current research interests revolve around understanding how daily relationships, cultural norms, and practices influence cognitive and behavioral processes, with a specific focus on decision-making, self-regulation, and motivation in health-related behavior change. She is particularly intrigued by the impact of prior knowledge, background, and socio-cultural contexts on perception, interpretation, decision-making, and behavior.


  • B.A., Reichman University, 2018
  • M.A., Tel-Aviv University, 2021