Katerina Girginova

Katerina Girginova, Ph.D.

Katerina Girginova
  • Research Associate, Annenberg Virtual Reality ColLABorative

Katerina Girginova’s work focuses on critical studies of global media and audiences, events, digital media, and organizations. She conducts research using multiple methods including discourse analysis, interviews, ethnography, focus groups, and mixed methods.  

Katerina Girginova earned her Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, in 2018. Her research interests include global media and audiences, events, digital media, and organizations. Katerina’s work often centers around comparative studies and uses multiple methods including discourse analyses, interviews, ethnography, focus groups, and mixed methods. 

Katerina’s new project examines the discourses surrounding platforms for virtual events. In particular, she questions the logics and affordances of these platforms in allowing us to experience global events and actively participate in shaping ourselves and our societies. Katerina’s work has been published in journals like the International Journal of Communication, Social Media+Society, Digital Creativity, and Communication & Sport. She is the recipient of a number of awards and grants from organizations like the International Olympic Committee, the Swedish Government, The Capital Speaker’s Club of Washington D.C., and the University of Pennsylvania and has presented her work at conferences worldwide. In her spare time, Katerina spends time with friends, traveling, and teaching yoga. 


  • B.A., The George Washington University, 2010 

  • M.A., Georgetown University, 2013 

  • Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2018