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Center on Digital Culture and Society

Reimagining our common future through critical scholarship and dialogue on digital culture, technology, and society.

About Us

Founded in July 2019, the Center on Digital Culture and Society (CDCS) at the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication supports critical, interdisciplinary scholarship and dialogue on digital culture, technology, and society. CDCS aims to create collaborative spaces for discussion and debate among academics, citizens, and activists; develop critical approaches to the study of digital culture and technology; help train new generations of digital researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and beyond; build global networks of researchers; advocate for socially just design, production, and use of digital technologies; and explore and foster new visions of digital futures through scholarship and public communication.

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Recent Publications

CDCS researchers produce critical and interdisciplinary scholarship on how digital technologies shape culture, politics, and society.

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The Digital Radical

From the activist deploying technology for political causes to the individual who consciously disengages with online life, CDCS is building a collection of stories about ordinary people with radical relationships to digital technologies.

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Write For Us

We invite submissions to our online magazine, The Digital Radical, from anyone with a story to tell about a person or group who practices a radical orientation toward digital media and technologies. A new story is published every month. See our call for submissions.

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Learn With Us

New for 2022, the Executive Program in Digital Media for Social Impact (DMSI) helps changemakers advance their social media strategies.

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Collaborate With Us

Want to work with us? We welcome invitations for collaborations and cosponsorships at the intersection of digital culture and society and also offer opportunities for nonresidential fellowships. Contact us for more information.

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To stay up to date on CDCS news and events, follow us on Twitter (@cdcspenn) and subscribe to our newsletter below!

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