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Undergraduate News

Undergrads Explore How Rituals Shape Our World

Students defamiliarize the familiar, as they investigate giving birth, rodeos, weddings, and more from an entirely new perspective.

Undergraduate News

Dinner at Dr. Litty’s: Comm Majors Get to Know Faculty and Each Other

Felicity "Dr. Litty" Paxton hopes the dinner series will foster meaningful relationships.


Litty Paxton To Become Annenberg’s Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Currently the Director of Penn Women's Center, Paxton has long been a popular lecturer at Annenberg.

Faculty News

Paxton Wins Provost’s Award for Teaching Excellence

She is open to change, mindful of student feedback, and considers her classroom a community of learners.


Alumni Speak About Career Paths at Professional Development Day 2016

Annenberg graduate students benefit from the career advice of alumni working in both academia and industry.