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Democratizing the Internet: Platforms, Pipes, Possibilities

A symposium held by the Media, Inequality & Change Center brought together a diverse array of thinkers to envision a more democratic internet.

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Annenberg Doctoral Students Pursue Joint Degrees in Political Science, Law, and Social Welfare

The Annenberg School and the University of Pennsylvania value interdisciplinary scholarship.

Graduate Students Present Research Projects from SummerCulture 2018 in Berlin

The program focused on how visual memory impacts the understanding of media practice under political intimidation.

Graduate Student News

Congratulations to Annenberg’s 2018 Graduates

Students were recognized for finishing their doctoral degrees or for completing their M.A. requirements.


Annenberg Presentations at IAMCR 2017

We've compiled a helpful list of all presentations being given by Annenberg authors.

Graduate Student News

The Annenberg School Welcomes 11 New Doctoral Students

Meet the accomplished incoming students in the 2016 doctoral cohort.