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Faculty News

Oxford Publishes Handbook of the Science of Science Communication, Co-edited by Kathleen Hall Jamieson

The handbook offers up-to-date scholarship on communicating consequential and controversial science topics.

Faculty News

Falk Wins 2017 ICA Young Scholar Award

Awardees are selected based on the strength of their published work and the potential of future scholarship.

Graduate Student News

Doctoral Student Jazmyne Sutton Explores the Use of Visuals in Health Communication

How do you know when an image will help or hinder the impact of the message?


Counteracting the Influence of Adolescent Peer Smoking on YouTube

A new study suggests showing a corrective message that describes the severity and scope of smoking risks.


Mindfulness Motivates People to Make Healthier Choices

New study shows mindful people are more receptive to health messaging and more likely to change.


National Academy of Sciences President Marcia McNutt Delivers 2016 Annenberg Lecture

McNutt discussed best practices in science communication and how they have shifted over time.

Jingwen Zhang Receives Honor from Chinese Government

The $6,000 award, founded in 2003 by the Chinese government, rewards academic excellence in Chinese students studying overseas.


Gender Differences and Relationship Power Could be Key in Preventing HIV Among South African Adolescents

The researchers identified promising pathways to reduce IPV and help prevent HIV infection, including promoting gender equity as a social norm.


How are Adolescents Affected by What They Watch on TV?

The study explores how sex, drugs, and violence on TV impact teenagers and their choices.


Half of Americans Concerned Zika Will Spread to Their Neighborhoods

"The Annenberg Science Knowledge (ASK) survey shows a high level of awareness but also confusion about the virus."