Vishwanath E.V.S.

Vishwanath E.V.S.

Vishwanath E.V.S.
  • Doctoral Student

Vishwanath E.V.S. is interested in studying the role online communities and platforms play in diffusing information, right and wrong, among their members.

Being a self-confessed geek who has spent a lot of time in online communities, he is deeply interested in understanding the characteristics of these communities and the platforms they exist on that facilitate the sharing and correction of information. As a doctoral student at Annenberg, he aims to develop techniques that take advantage of the large amounts of data produced by online platforms to better understand information and misinformation diffusion online.

Prior to joining Annenberg, E.V.S graduated with a Master's in Public Policy from the University of Chicago’s Harris School. He also has experience working in private sector data science. He hopes to apply the econometric and computational skills gained from these experiences to his research at Annenberg.


  • B.Tech., Amrita School of Engineering Bengaluru, 2014
  • M.P.P., University of Chicago, 2019