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Communication Neuroscience Lab


Our lab takes an interdisciplinary communication neuroscience approach to link neural activity to behaviors at the individual, group, and population levels.

Specific lines of work in the lab include predicting behavior change following exposure to persuasive messages and understanding what makes successful ideas spread (e.g. through social networks, through cultures). At present, much of the research in our lab focuses on health communication, and the design of better interventions, programs, and policies.

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Main Grant-Funded Projects

Learn more about our large studies currently underway.

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Social Health Impact of Network Effects (SHINE)

We are examining brain and social networks and how they contribute to alcohol use among college students. Our goal is to design interventions that prevent problem drinking. 

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Brain-based Prediction of Message Effectiveness (BB-PRIME)

Integrating data from a large subject sample, we are exploring the causal relationships between message features, message sharing, and health behavior change, as well as exploring the impact of cross-cultural factors.

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GeoScan Smoking Study

We aim to help prevent cancer by understanding how tobacco marketing influences the brains of smokers, taking into account where they encounter it in their daily lives.

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Mega-analysis on Neural Predictors of Message Effectiveness and Behavior Change

Utilizing novel analytic techniques across multiple neuroimaging studies originating in our lab and others, we are identifying robust neural correlates of message effectiveness and behavior change.

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Our Publications

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