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Faculty News

New Chair to Honor Professor Emeritus Carolyn Marvin

Computational social scientist Sandra González-Bailón will be known as the Carolyn Marvin Professor of Communication.

Faculty News

Communication Networks Scholar Sandra González-Bailón Promoted to Full Professor

González-Bailón was also recently named director of the new Center for Information Networks and Democracy.


What Do Our Ancestral Family Ties Say About Our Political Beliefs?

The first institution we experience in life is family. As long as humans have existed, they have gathered in groups...

Faculty News

New Center to Focus on Information Networks and Democracy

Directed by Sandra González-Bailón and co-directed by Yphtach Lelkes, the Center for Information Networks and Democracy will analyze the benefits and risks of digital technologies for political and civic engagement.


Americans Don’t Understand What Companies Can Do With Their Personal Data — and That’s a Problem

A new survey of 2,000 Americans finds that people don’t understand what marketers are learning about them online and don’t want their data collected, but feel powerless to stop it.


Is Social Media Good or Bad for Social Unity?

Annenberg professors Sandra González-Bailón and Yphtach Lelkes reviewed all of the previous literature to compile what scholars have discovered to date.

Faculty News

How Ideologically Divided is the American Public?

The Polarization Research Lab, a new initiative from Prof. Yphtach Lelkes and colleagues at Dartmouth and Stanford, will work to answer that question.


Cable News Networks Have Grown More Polarized, Study Finds

An analysis of 10 years of cable TV news reveals a growing partisan gap as networks like Fox and MSNBC have shifted to the right or the left of the political spectrum, especially in their primetime programming.

Nicholas Dias Receives Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching

A joint doctoral student in Communication and Political Science, Dias was one of 10 recipients.


Bridging Wikipedia’s Gender Gap, One Article at a Time

Wikipedia has a major gender inequity problem. In a new study, Annenberg researchers evaluate how feminist interventions are closing the gap, and how they could improve.