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Faculty News

Julia Ticona Named 2022-23 Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences Fellow

As a CASBS fellow, she will work on a book project about labor platforms and domestic carework in the digital economy.


“This is a Huge Wakeup Call”: Tech’s Role in Russia’s War on Ukraine

Media scholar Courtney Radsch says tech platforms should have been faster to address Russian government propaganda, misinformation, and censorship.

Graduate Student News

Student Profile Video: Roopa Vasudevan

Get to know the work of Doctoral Candidate Roopa Vasudevan, who is simultaneously a scholar and a practicing artist.


DMSI Meeting Develops Big Ideas into Real-World Social Impact

The inaugural cohort of Annenberg and SP2’s Executive Program in Digital Media for Social Impact reflects on how digital tools and platforms can help drive social change.


Bridging Wikipedia’s Gender Gap, One Article at a Time

Wikipedia has a major gender inequity problem. In a new study, Annenberg researchers evaluate how feminist interventions are closing the gap, and how they could improve.

Faculty News

Journalism is Outdated: Professor Barbie Zelizer Discusses a New ‘Manifesto’

In "The Journalism Manifesto," Professor Barbie Zelizer and her co-authors argue that journalism needs a major transformation in order to survive as an essential pillar of our democracy.

Faculty News

Left to Our Own Devices: Coping with Insecure Work in a Digital Age

Julia Ticona's new book examines how gig workers use digital technologies like smartphones and laptops to navigate a precarious and flexible labor market, and how these technologies have transformed the way we work.


A novel theory on how conspiracy theories take shape

In a new book, Dolores Albarracín, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, and colleagues show that two factors—the conservative media and societal fear and anxiety—have driven recent widespread conspiracies, from Pizzagate to those around COVID-19 vaccines.

Call for Submissions

Call for Applications: Post-doctoral Fellowships in Digital Narratives of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Center on Digital Culture and Society seeks two post-doctoral scholars whose research contributes to our understanding of digital storytelling about the pandemic. Submit by March 1, 2022.


What Can Be Done to Prevent and Resist Image-based Abuse?

A virtual symposium held by Annenberg’s Center for Media at Risk and the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative brought together experts from around the world to share findings, ideas, and solidarity.