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Undergraduate News

Communication Majors Get Hands-On, Quantitative Research Experience in New Course

This kind of course on study design and statistical methods often isn't taught until graduate school.


Study Finds Smokers Wrongly Believe Natural American Spirit Cigarettes are Healthier

In fact, there is no established science to corroborate these beliefs.


Debunking Study Suggests Ways to Counter Misinformation and Correct ‘Fake News’

Debunking is more effective — and misinformation is less persistent — when an audience develops an explanation for the corrected information.

Graduate Student News

Doctoral Student Jazmyne Sutton Explores the Use of Visuals in Health Communication

How do you know when an image will help or hinder the impact of the message?


Counteracting the Influence of Adolescent Peer Smoking on YouTube

A new study suggests showing a corrective message that describes the severity and scope of smoking risks.


NPR Television Critic Eric Deggans Lectures on Race and the Media at Annenberg

Deggans discussed social media’s impact on news dissemination and the types of racism evident in media reporting.

Research to Work With Facebook on Exposing Viral Fake News is among several fact-checking organizations that will help to identify and label viral fake news stories.


TCORS Study Shows Effectiveness of Testimonial Warning Labels on Tobacco Products

Warning labels featuring photos of real smokers who were harmed by their habit were more effective than text-only labels.


Alumna Q&A: Eileen Le Han (Ph.D. '14) On Her New Book, Micro-blogging Memories

Han's book looks at the past and present of the Chinese microblogging site Weibo.