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Q&A With Dr. Desmond Patton

Dr. Desmond Patton tells us about how he uses social media to study inner city violence and what sparked his interest in the work.

Call for Abstracts: ICA Preconference on Varieties of Publics and Counterpublics

This preconference aims to reinvigorate scholarly debates about publics and public spheres and their implications for democratic politics.


Want To Exercise More? Get Yourself Some Competition.

In a new study, competition proved a far stronger motivation for exercise than friendly support.

Faculty News

Professor Desmond Patton Collaborates with Data Scientist on ROADS-funded Project to Prevent Gang Violence

Dr. Desmon Patton and Owen Rambow plan to develop an algorithm that analyzes the language used by gang members online.

Faculty News

Kraidy Receives Carnegie Fellowship to Study the Spectacle of the Islamic State

Kraidy will study how the Islamic State uses graphic violence in media to maximize fear and horror worldwide.


When Social Movements Reach Their Tipping Point, and Why Scientific Collaboration is Important

Collective effervescence shows how the actions of a few activists online can bubble up, spread, and shape history.