Annenberg Presentations at NCA 2016

More than 25 Annenberg researchers will present next month at the National Communication Association's 102nd Annual Conference.

By Ashton Yount

More than 25 Annenberg faculty, students, postdoctoral fellows, and research staff will present research next month at the National Communication Association's 102nd Annual Conference, held November 10-13 here in Philadelphia.

Below are the presentations, posters, and panels being contributed by the Annenberg community, organized by day and time. All room locations are in the Marriott Downtown Hotel, unless otherwise noted. 

Please also stop by Annenberg's booth at the NCA career fair on Thursday, Nov. 10 from 1-4pm in Franklin Hall. Doctoral students Elena Maris and Samantha Oliver, as well as Professor Joseph Turow, will be on hand to talk to potential applicants.

Wednesday, November 9

Preconference: Media and Class in the 21st Century

  • Lori Young — “Class Identity Inflation: The Political Consequences of Mainstream News Coverage of Poverty and Redistribution”
  • Dorin Taussig — "The Changing Meaning of 'Merit' in 21st Century Media"

Thursday, November 10

8am – 9:15am

Processing Persuasive Health Messages (Room 413)

  • Stella (Juhyun) Lee — “Construal Level Theory and Health Communication Research: The Role of Construal Level in Health-related Mass and Interpersonal Communication”

Mindfulness and Spirituality in Various Contexts (Room 608)

  • Elena Maris — Presenter

9:30am – 10:45am

Media and Social Cognition (Room 600)

  • Matt O’Donnell and Emily Falk — “Social Exclusion Increases Online Sharing with Close Friends”

11am – 12:15pm

Health, Sex and Nationalism: A Chinese Perspective (Room 662)

  • Bo Mai — “Living with Censorship: Mapping Topic Clusters on the Chinese Twitter Sphere”

The Role of Social Media in Promoting Health (Room 405)

  • Qinghua (Candy) Yang — “Are Social Networking Sites Making Health Behavior Change Interventions More Effective? A Meta-Analytic Review”

12:30pm – 1:45pm

Scholar to Scholar: Mass Communication and Public Relations (Franklin Hall)

  • Emily Hund — “Your Creativity Must be Qualified: Tensions in Social Media’s Influencer Economy”

#Social Movements, Nudity, and the Fappening: Competitive Papers in Identity and Social Media (Room 307)

  • Marwan M. Kraidy — “Naked Blogger: Revolutionary Nudity and its Discontents”

2pm – 3:15pm

Online (In)civility, China and Beyond (Rittenhouse, Courtyard Downtown Hotel)

  • Kecheng Fang — Presenter
  • Guobin Yang — Presenter and Respondent

3:30pm – 4:45pm

Transitioning Genres and Modes of Production (Room 304)

  • Elena Maris — “Desperately Seeking the Producer: Resurrecting Xena Through the Audience’s ‘Imagined Industry’”

Group Communication: More than Decision Making or Problem Solving (Room 608)

  • Meghnaa Tallapragada — Presenter

Civic Engagement and Journalism’s Shifting Institutions (Grand Salon D)

  • Celeste Wagner — “The Boomerang Effect: Innovation in the Blogs of Mainstream News Sites, 2008-2012”

Friday, November 11

9:30am – 10:45am

Competitive Papers in Political Communication: Identity and Ideology (Room 404)

  • Heather Akin and Kathleen Hall Jamieson — “Leveraging, involving, and visualizing to minimize identity-protective cognition about climate change”

Deconstructing Muslim Bodies in Anti-Muslim Rhetoric: The Current Political Climate Today and its Discontents (Room 309)

  • Marwan M. Kraidy — Chair and Respondent

Perspectives on Media History, Policy Making, and the Public Sphere (Room 304)

  • Victor Pickard — “Communication’s Forgotten Narratives: The Lost History of Charles Siepmann and Critical Policy Research”

11am – 12:15pm

Environmental Communication and the Flint Water Crisis: A Civic Calling for a Cross Discipline (Salon E)

  • Ariel Hasell — “Corroded Cover-Up: An Examination of Social Media Discussion of the Flint Water Crisis”

12:30pm – 1:45pm

Association for Chinese Communication Studies Top Papers Session (Logan, Courtyard Downtown Hotel)

  • Kecheng Fang — “’Idolizing’ a Communist Party Leader: The Toad Worship Culture on the Chinese Internet”

Saturday, November 12

8am – 9:15am

Health Information Seeking (Room 405)

  • Stefanie Gratale — “Information, Trust, and System-based Health Behaviors”
  • Qinghua (Candy) Yang — “Application and Extension of the Comprehensive Model of Information Seeking in the Context of Online Cancer Information Seeking”

(Un)Conventional: The Relationship between Media Coverage and Civic Interpretations of the 2016 Political Conventions (Grand Salon A)

  • Michael X. Delli Carpini — Respondent

Rhetorical Strategy and Persuasion in Climate Change Communication (Room 600)

  • Angeline (LeeAnn) Sangalang — “Overcoming Climate Change Resistance through Stores: Crafting Effective Narrative Messages for Republican, Democrat, and Independent Audiences”

9:30am – 10:45am

Approaching Media Use and Health (Grand Salon D)

  • Elissa Kranzler, Laura Gibson, and Robert Hornik — “Recall of ‘The Real Cost’ anti-smoking campaign is specifically associated with endorsement of campaign-targeted beliefs”

Globalization and the Politics of Aid (Room 408)

  • Marwan M. Kraidy — Respondent

Message Framing in Health Contexts (Room 409)

  • Qinghua (Candy) Yang — Chair

11am – 12:15pm

Civic Callings in Our Communities: Student Paper Panel (Room 600)

  • Elena Maris — “‘Broken Windows’ in the Ferguson Era: Original Theory and Contemporary Discourse”

12:30pm – 1:45pm

Research in Health Communication II (Grand Salon H)

  • Laura Gibson, Qinghua (Candy) Yang, Matt O’Donnell, Jiaying Liu, Stella (Juhyun) Lee, Elissa Kranzler, Allyson Volinsky, and Robert C. Hornik — “Automated Methods for Content Analysis in Health Communication: Comparing Dictionary and Supervised Machine Learning (SML) Methods”

Affect and the Image (Room 407)

  • Marwan M. Kraidy — “The Revolution Will Be Graffiti-ed: Syrian Revolutionary Stencils in Beirut”

Research in Intercultural Communication (Grand Salon H)

  • Qinghua (Candy) Yang — “Where You From, Whether You Participate: A Multi-Level Analysis of Cultural Influences on Media Use and Political Participation”

2pm – 3:15pm

High-density Panel on Persuasive Communication about Tobacco, e-Cigarettes, and Smoke-Free Policies (Room 405)

  • Jiaying Liu, Matt O’Donnell, and Emily Falk — “Deliberation and Valence as Dissociable Components of Counterarguing among Smokers: Evidence from Neuroimaging and Computational Linguistic Analysis”

Senior Scholar Spotlight Panel: What Just Happened? A Presidential Election Postmortem (Grand Salon A)

  • Kathleen Hall Jamieson — Presenter

3:30pm – 4:45pm

Health-Related Online Social Support (Room 405)

  • Qinghua (Candy) Yang — “Understanding Computer-Mediated Support Groups: A Revisit Using a Meta-Analytic Approach”

Sunday, November 13

8am – 9:15am

Competitive Papers in Political Communication: Political News Media (Grand Salon A)

  • Ariel Hasell — “Shared outrage? Partisan news, emotions, and news dissemination on Twitter”

11am – 12:15pm

Media, Technology and the Power of Communication (Room 304)

  • Marwan M. Kraidy — “Laughing Cow: Revolutionary Political Humor and Animal Symbolism in Egypt”

Competitive Papers in the Philosophy of Communication (Grand Salon L)

  • Jessa Lingel — “The Heterotopia in the Panopticon: Conceptions of the Library Experience from the Work of Michel Foucault”