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Annenberg Presentations at ICA 2022

The International Communication Association will be hosting a hybrid conference this year with the in-person sessions in Paris.


New Institute Seeks A Remedy for Medical Misinformation

The Penn Medical Communication Research Institute brings together interdisciplinary researchers with a mission to improve medical communication and health literacy.


Clinician Peer Networks Remove Race and Gender Bias

A University of Pennsylvania study published today in Nature Communications offers striking evidence that network science can be used to...


Study Finds Surprising Source of Social Influence

Want to promote your new product or trigger a shift in thinking? Steer clear of the influencers.

Faculty News

Centola and Pickard Honor Former Penn Faculty with New Chair Names

Centola and Pickard have chosen legendary scholars Elihu Katz and C. Edwin Baker.

Faculty News

Damon Centola Publishes New Book on Behavior Change

Change: How to Make Big Things Happen was published by Little, Brown & Co.


Why Independent Cultures Think Alike When It Comes to Categories: It's Not in the Brain

In contrast to prior hypotheses, this experiment shows that people are not born with category systems already in their brains.


Meeting the Challenge of Vaccination Hesitancy: Q&A with Damon Centola

Can the study of network dynamics offer solutions for curbing the anti-vaccine movement?


What is Your Risk from Smoking? Your Network Knows!

A new study found that people more accurately assess smoking’s risks when they discuss their ideas with others.

Faculty News

Network Dynamics Scholar Damon Centola Promoted to Full Professor

He is radically changing the way we understand longstanding sociological and communication issues.