Annenberg Presentations at ICA 2022

The International Communication Association will be hosting a hybrid conference this year with the in-person sessions in Paris.

More than 70 Annenberg faculty, students, postdoctoral fellows, and research staff will attend the International Communication Association’s 72nd Annual Conference, to be held May 26-30 in Paris, France.

All Annenberg contributions to the conference are listed below, with panel name and room location.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Please check organizer information for preconference times and locations.

PRECONFERENCE: Media and Communication in Global Latinidades

Location: Virtual

  • María Celeste Wagner - Organizer & "Who Checks the Fact-Checkiers?: The Reception of Fact-Checking in Argentina"

Sponsored by Annenberg's Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication & Northwestern University in Qatar

PRECONFERENCE: Critique, Post-Critique and the Present Conjuncture

Location: Université Paris Nanterre & Online

Schedule can be found here.

  • Guobin Yang – "Writing about the COVID Pandemic: Between the Limits of Critique and the Limits of Life"

Thursday, May 26, 2022

PRECONFERENCE: Public Relations Division PhD Student Workshop 

Location: Offsite

  • Alvin Zhou - Chair

PRECONFERENCE: Patriarchal Worlds, Feminist Networks, and the Conjuncture

Location: The American University of Paris

  • Sarah Banet-Weiser - Chair

  • Jessa Lingel - "Feminist coalition building: Digital modalities of mutual aid"

  • Cienna Davis & Azsaneé Truss - "Radically Imagining & Birthing New Futures”

PRECONFERENCE: Scholars in Exile/Scholarship on the Edges: The Place of Critical Race Studies in Media, Communication, and Political Culture

Location: Onsite

  • Sarah J. Jackson - participant

PRECONFERENCE: Communicating Multi-modally: Research & Expressive Culture

Location: American University of Paris

Schedule can be found here. 

  • John L. Jackson, Jr. - Preconference Chair, opening plenary speaker, panel chair

  • Azsaneé Truss - "Race and Conspi(racism)" 

  • Chaz Antoine Barracks - "Everyday Black Matter: Refusal, Joy and Resistance Through Critical Media Practice

  • Roopa Vasudevan - "Refusing Co-optation, Acting on Futurity: New Media Art, Social Practice and Creative Resistence"

  • Antoine Haywood - "What's Your Favorite Color?"

PRECONFERENCE: Journalism Studies Division PhD Colloquium 

Location: Hyatt - Regency 7

  • Louisa Lincoln - Participant

  • Florence Madenga - Participant

Friday, May 27, 2022

8:00 - 9:15

Community Engaged Health Communication Research 

Location: Hyatt - Regency 7

  • Andy Tan - Participant, “Applying a mixed methods approach to an anti-tobacco campaign targeting sexual and gender minority young adult women”

Media Manifesto

  • Barbie Zelizer - "The Journalism Manifesto"

The Role of Visuals and Emotion in Political Campaigns

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 242B

  • Lizzie Martin - "Empathy, Threat, and Support for Immigration in the U.S. During the Trump Administration"

9:30 - 10:45

Hybrid Session: Images and People: Interactive Methodologies for Understanding Visual Communication 

Location: Hyatt - Regency 15

  • Hanna Morris - Chair

Reorienting Gender, Sexuality, and/or LGBTQ as the Analytic

Location: Hyatt - Lab 1 & 2

  • Sonia Shaikh Jawaid - "Effects of gender-segregated workplace facilities on adults' binary conceptualization of gender and gender-related attitudes"

  • Woori Han - "Reconfiguring the pandemic norms and imagining collective care through sexuality"

Algorithm Auditing and Recommender Systems

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 241

  • Yphtach Lelkes - "Betrayed by the shadows: An audit of Twitter's shadowban sanctions in the United States"

  • Shengchun Huang & Tian Yang - "Trap of Entertainment: Recommendation Algorithms Drifted Users Away from News on YouTube"

High Density: Biological Foundations of Communication Science

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 351

  • Neil Fasching - "Doing Facial Electromyography Analyses in Social Science"

Activism in Authoritarian and Constrained Contexts: Logics, Networks, and Discourses

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 324B

  • Alvin Zhou - "Mobilizing Media Attention in Contentious Publicness: The Case Study of Hong Kong Anti-extradition Bill Movement"

11:00 - 12:15

Coercive Messaging: Politics in Communication History

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 241

  • Muira McCammon - "What Records Remain: Public-Sector Data Infrastructures and Traces of Tweets that Became Trash"

12:30 - 13:45

Journalism Studies Interactive Poster Session

Location: Palais des Congres - Hall Havane

  • Muira McCammon - "Connective Memory: Or, Mourning the Restructuring of a War Desk"

14:00 - 15:15

Identity and Global Citizenship

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 325B

  • Jing Wang (presenting virtually) - "Mediated Muslim Counterpublic: Digital Media and Chinese Muslims during the Global Pandemic"

Media, Risk, & Crisis Communication

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 253

  • Sixiao (Vivian) Liu - "Incorporating Psychological Distance Framing in Narrative Persuasion to Communicate Environmental Health Risks"

ICA Sponsored: ICA Presents: One Podcast Network

Location: Palais des Congres - Amphitheater Bleu (Level 2)

  • Sarah Banet-Weiser - Participant

High Density: Online Behavior, Big Data, Social Media, and Information Sharing

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 251

  • Danielle Cosme, Nicole Cooper, Ally Paul, José Carreras-Tartak, Emily Falk - "Brain-based prediction of information virality: Evidence of cross-cultural validity from a pre-registered neuroimaging study"

Media Mistrust, Perceived Polarization, and the Feeling of Not Being Able to Speak Freely Anymore

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 243

  • Chloe Ahn - "Perceptions of Political Polarization and Self-Censorship: Does Perceived Polarization Discourage People from Speaking their Minds?"

News Experiences Before, During and After Crises: Theory Development on Fluctuating Temporalities of News Use

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 252B

  • María Celeste Wagner - "Pre-Pandemic Effects of Misinformation about Politics, Social Issues and Science"

One Labor Network?: Frameworks for Understanding Media Unions and Organizing Across Borders

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 353

  • Juan Llamas-Rodriguez - Discussant

15:30 - 16:45

Privacy at the Crossroads? Digital Cynicism, Resignation and Apathy: And What to Do About it 

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 313 & 314

  • Joseph Turow - Chair, “Past Findings and Future Directions in Digital Resignation Research”

Reflections on New and Not So New Trends in Platform Governance

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 251

  • Pawel Popiel - "U.S. Antitrust Reform and Non-Competitive Harms in Digital Platform Markets"

Roundtable: Moving the Field of Political Communication Forward in Turbulent Times 

Location: Hyatt - Regency 8

  • Sarah J. Jackson - Participant

High Density: Top Papers in Communication Science and Biology

Location: Hyatt - Regency 12 & 14

  • Thandi Lyew, Anooshey Ikhlas, Farah Sayed, Asia Vincent, David Lydon-Staley - "Adolescents' curiosity for tobacco-related trivia aids memory of tobacco-related information"

Health Communication and Vaccine Misinformation

Location: Hyatt - Lab 1 & 2

  • Alvin Zhou - "Are you anxious or enthusiastic about COVID-19 vaccines? Understanding publics' emotional reactions to misinformation and corrective messages through machine learning"

17:00 - 18:15

Access, Equity, and Inclusion in Journalism and Journalism Studies

Location: Palais des Congres - Amphitheater Havana (Lev. 3)

  • Victor Pickard & Pawel Popiel - "Philadelphia's News Media System: Which Audiences are Underserved?"

Communication Science and Biology Business Meeting 

Location: Hyatt - Regency 12 & 14

  • Prateekshit Pandey - Participant

Images and the Law: Tackling Questions about Epistemology, Power, and Legal Practice 

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 353

  • LaCharles Ward - Participant, “Troubling Visual Evidence, Centering Blackness”

From Athletes to Superheroes: Impact of Media Representations

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 253

  • Chloe Ahn - "Truth, Justice, and the American Way": The Influence of Superhero Movies on Belief in American Exceptionalism"

19:00 - 21:00

Annenberg East/West Reception

Location: Hyatt - Regency 15

The annual Annenberg East/West reception is back! Open to all conference attendees.

Annenberg East/West Virtual Reality Reception

Details to be Announced

Online Poster Sessions (times not relevant)

  • Danielle Cosme, Nicole Cooper, Ally Paul, José Carreras-Tartak, Emily Falk - "Does focusing on self or social relevance during news article exposure increase motivation to share content?"

  • Prateekshit Pandey, Emily Falk, Michael Delli Carpini - "Effect of political efficacy on news sharing behavior"

  • Joseph Cappella: "Using 'Deception' to Protect Truth: Disclosing Prior Source Deception to Inoculate Against Health Misinformation from that Source"

Saturday, May 28, 2022

7:00 - 9:00

ICA Annenberg Alumni Breakfast

For Annenberg alumni, current students, and faculty. Please see location information in your email, or contact

8:00 - 9:15

Health Communication in Social Media 

Location: Hyatt - Regency 2

  • C.J. Calabrese - Chair, “Dissonance between Posts of Health Agencies and Public Comments regarding COVID-19 and Vaccination on Facebook in Northern California”

COVID Cavalcade - CATs and DOGs: Playing and Watching Games During the Pandemic

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 304 & 305

  • Sonia Shaikh Jawaid - "Playing Through the Pandemic": Gaming Usage as a Buffer During COVID-19"

Health Communication to Improve Minority Health

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 341

  • Mary Andrews, David Cordero, Andy Tan - "Influence of Minority Stress, Race, and Message Appeal on the Effectiveness of Anti-Smoking Messages for Sexual Minority Women"

What's Next for Engagment Metrics?

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 343

  • Joseph Turow - "Voice Assistants and the Future of Engagement Metrics"

High Density Abstract Session #3

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 342A

  • Mariela Morales - "A Canary in the Twitter Mine: An Analysis of Cuba's Mother's Day Meme Storm, National Frustration, Collective Memory, and Politics of Representation"

9:30 - 10:15

One World, One Multilevel Network: Cells to Societies?

Location: Palais des Congres - Amphitheatre Bleu (lev 2)

  • Sandra González-Bailón - Panelist

9:30 - 10:45

Artificial Intelligence, Decision Making, and Communication Research: Perspectives on Individual Perception, Messages, and Methodologies 

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 304 & 305

  • Sonia Jawaid Shaikh - Chair, “The Difference Between AI and Algorithms: Unpacking the Influence of Methodological Protocols on Human Perceptions of Intelligent Technology and Decision-Making”

Counterspeech Against Online Hate and Incivility

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 324B

  • Samantha Moore-Berg (presenting virtually), Emily Falk, Emile Bruneau - "Reducing Islamophobia: An assessment of psychological mechanisms that underlie successful anti-Islamophobia media interventions"

Artificial Intelligence, Decision-Making, and Communication Research: Perspectives on Individual Perceptions, Messages, and Methodologies

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 304 & 305

  • Sonia Shaikh Jawaid - "The Difference Between AI and Algorithms: Unpacking the Influence of Methodological Protocols on Human Perceptions of Intelligent Technology and Decision-Making"

Computational Communication Science: Reflections on the Field

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 362 and 363

  • Isabelle Langrock, Mia Jovanova - "Open Science, Equal Citations? Investigating gendered citation practices within Open Science and Communication research"

12:30 - 13:45

High Density: Media and COVID-related Beliefs and Behaviors

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 351

  • Alvin Zhou - "Moral foundations, idealogical divide, and public engagement with U.S. government agencies' COVID-19 vaccine communication on social media"

14:00 - 15:15

Affect/Emotion in the Reporting of Conflict

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 313 & 314

  • Richard Stupart - Participant, “Feelings without names: ‘Context switching’ and its emotional effects”

Roundtable: A New Model of Industry/Academic Collaboration: Facebook and Instagram during the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election 

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 342A

  • Sandra González-Bailón - Participant

When We Run Out of Greenwashing Liquid - Between Empowering Audiences, Narratives, Plastic Waste, and Environmentally Responsible Organizations

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 251

  • Sixiao (Vivian) Liu - "Empowering the Audience: Using distance-framed narrative to promote pro-environmental engagement in dealing with ocean plastic pollution"

17:00 - 18:15

Activism, Communication and Social Justice Interactive Poster Session

Location: Palais des Congres - Hall Havane

  • Brendan Mahoney - "On the Construction of the Alt-Right Internet"

17:00 - 19:00

Documentary Film Screening: MAKING SWEET TEA, followed by Q&A with Filmmaker E. Patrick Johnson & Producer John Jackson 

Location: Palais des Congres - Amphitheatre Havana Lev. 3

  • John L. Jackson, Jr. - Discussant

19:15 - 20:30

ICA 2022 Memorial for Elihu Katz (hosted by Annenberg Penn & the Fellows of ICA) 

Location: Hyatt - Regency 15

  • Michael X. Delli Carpini - Chair

  • John L. Jackson, Jr. - Chair

This session will be a tribute to Elihu Katz, and will feature the premiere of a film by Annenberg filmmaker Shawn Kornhauser as well as multiple speakers paying tribute to Dr. Katz.

20:15 - 21:30

News Exposure Research in Context (Virtual Session)

  • Tian Yang & Sandra González-Bailón - "Online Media Boosts Exposure to News but Only for a Small Minority of Hyper-Consumers"

Online Poster Sessions (times not relevant)

Virtual High-Density: Health, Persuasion, Misinformation, and Social Influence

  • Prateekshit Pandey - Chair

  • Sonia Shaikh Jawaid, Amanda McGowan, David Lydon-Staley: "Affective Reactions to News Exposure in situ"

  • Nicole Cooper, Matthew O'Donnell, Emily Falk - "The neural correlates of being uncool? Development moderates the role of conflict detection networks in conformity processes"

Virtual: Societal, Familial, and Emotional Influences over Personal and Relational Well-Being

  • Xinyi Wang, Amanda McGowan, Emily Falk, David Lydon-Staley - "A socioemotional network perspective on momentary experiences of family conflict in young adults"

Virtual: Patient-Provider Communication

  • Damon Centola - "Reduction of race and gender bias in recommendations for clinical treatment using a clinician peer network based intervention in experimental setting"

Sunday, May 29, 2022

8:00 - 9:15

Digital Diaspora and Its Discontents: Networked Political Contestation and the Invocation of the Nation 

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 341

  • Diami Virgilio - Chair

  • Heather Jaber - "Digital Activism and the Kafala System in Lebanon"

High Density: Health Communication and Mask Wearing

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 351

  • Ava Kikut & Robert Hornik - "Trust in public health officials, COVID-19 protective behaviors, and the moderating role of behavioral beliefs: A longitudinal survey study of U.S. adults"

Examining the Efficacy of Social Support

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 352A

  • Yoona Kang, Matt O'Donnell, Kristin Shumaker, Emily Falk - "Intersubject Neural Synchrony, Empathic Accuracy, and Social Support following Compassion Training"

Politicians' Use of Communication Technologies: Norms, Infrastructure, and Political ClassifiCATion

Location: Hyatt - Regency 1

  • Alvin Zhou - "Politicization of Masks: Communication of Party Norms Among Political Elites on Social Media"

9:30 - 10:45

Negotiating Boundaries of Journalism and Journalistic Practices (Works in Progress) 

Location: Hyatt - Lab 1 & 2

  • Barbie Zelizer - Chair

Public Relations Theory through Reviews and New Perspectives

Location: Hyatt - Regency 3 & 4

  • Alvin Zhou - "Exploring PR paradigms through computational modeling: Refractions and recommitment in public relations research (2010-2020)"

12:30 - 13:45

Health Communication Interactive Poster Session

Location: Palais des Congres - Hall Havane (Level 3)

  • Danielle Clark, Ava Kikut, Emma Jesch, Chioma Woko, & Robert Hornik - "Baseline Levels and Changes in COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Beliefs Predict Changes in Willingness to Vaccinate"

14:00 - 15:15

Communication Policy and the COVID-19

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 341

  • Victor Pickard & Pawel Popiel - "Digital Redlining and the Endless Divide: Philadelphia's COVID-19 Digital Inclusion Efforts"

The Many Facets of Audience Research

Location: Hyatt - Regency 15

  • María Celeste Wagner - "Awareness, Helpfulness and Trust: Exploring Audience's Attitudes Toward Fact-Checkers in an Electoral Context"

15:30 - 16:45

Gender Gaps in Digital Spaces: How to Use Computational Research to Inform Interventions that Address Inequities 

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 242B

  • Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon - Chair

  • Isabelle Langrock - Participant, “Researching Interventions in Peer Production’s Gender Gaps”

Sexual Harassment and Violence: Exploring Attitudes, Sources and Media Coverage 

Location: Hyatt - Lab 3

  • Sophie Maddocks and Fallon Parfaite (Chair) - “'Watch Me Pretend to Punch my Girlfriend': What Happens When Dating Violence Goes Viral?”

  • María Celeste Wagner - “Does Reading News About Sexual Harassment Involving Diverse Women in terms of Racialization and Socioeconomic Status Impact Support for Gender Equality? Comparative Experiments in the Americas”

Ethnicity and Race in Communication Top Papers

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 241

  • Staci Jones - "Clearwater Drive: And Other Essays From the Kitchen Scholar"

17:00 - 18:15

Media Effects: The Interplay Between News Coverage and Public Opinion

Location: Hyatt - Lab 1 & 2

  • Sam Wolken - "Local Television and Citizens' Sensitivity to Nearby Crime"

Online Poster Session (time not relevant)

Analyzing Social Networks

  • Tian Yang - "Metrics at work? How social media metrics shape news production on Facebook"

Monday, May 30, 2022

8:00 - 9:15

Beyond Divide Theory: Advancing Frameworks for Understanding and Exploring Marginality and Inclusivity in Digital Politics

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 341

  • Sarah J. Jackson - Participant

Contemporary Cultures of Post-Truth (Re-)Production: Beyond Fake News and Credulity as Media Effect

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 342B

  • Sarah Banet-Weiser - "Who's Afraid of Trial by Media?: Sexual Violence and the Politics of Doubt"

Examples and Limitations of Government Information Control in Authoritarian Regimes

Location: Hyatt - Lab 1 & 2

  • Sam Wolken - "Information Seeking as Backlash to Authoritarian Crackdowns Against Journalists"

Media and Polarization

Location: Hyatt - Regency 8

  • Tian Yang - "Do Feel Good Videos Actually Do Good? How Viral Entertaining Media Build Attention Base for Far-Right Politics of The Epoch Times"

9:30 - 10:45

Exposure to News ‘In the Wild’: Insights and Blind Spots of Observational Trace Data

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 313 & 314

  • Sandra González-Bailón - Chair

Communication Barriers to Vaccination

Location: Hyatt - Regency 1

  • Emma Jesch & Robert Hornik - "[G]etting a Vaccine that Came in a Hurry: A mixed methods examination of COVID-19 vaccine beliefs and hesitancy"

Research Escalator II

Location: Hyatt - Lab 1 & 2

  • Kelly Diaz - "Creating 'Empowered' Teens for Television"

High Density: Biological Foundations of Health Communication

Location: Palais des Congres, Room 252B

  • Mia Jovanova, Danielle Cosme, Yoona Kang, Nicole Cooper, Emily Falk - "Pre-Registration: Decoding how the brain's mentalizing system tracks peer drinking behavior"

  • Yoona Kang, Danielle Cosme, David Lydon-Staley, Mia Jovanova, Emily Falk - "Alcohol Cue Reactivity in the Ventral Striatum and Daily Purpose in Life Moderate the Relationship between Alcohol Craving and Consumption in College Students"

Message Design and Health Message Processing

Location: Hyatt - Lab 10

  • Nicole Cooper, Yoona Kang, Matthew O'Donnell, Emily Falk - "Brain responses to gain- and loss-framed messages differ, and interact with baseline physical activity, to predict later behaviors"

High Density: Understanding Platforms

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 242A

  • Assil Frayha - "Extended Abstract: Platform Governance and Challenges to Visibility for Independent Digital Media Outlets in the Arab World"

11:00 - 12:15

Datafication at Work: Subjects, Categories, and Organizations

Location: Hyatt - Regency 10 & 11

  • Julia Ticona - Participant, “Becoming Trustworthy: The cross-platform construction of reputation in online markets for care”

The Elephant in the Room: ICA and Non-Democratic Values Systems (Co-organized with the ICA Regional Hub Russia)

Location: Palais des Congres - Amphitheatre Bleu Lev. 2

  • Barbie Zelizer - Discussant

What is the Story? Between Climate Crisis Narratives, Rhetoric and Environmental Education

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 253

  • Hanna Morris - Chair, “Reporting on the Climate Crisis through the Prism of American Exceptionalism”

Working It: Toward a Labor Turn in Journalism Studies

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 352B

  • Victor Pickard - Discussant

High-Density: Big Ideas in Theory, Method, and the Discipline

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 252B

  • Darin Johnson, Nicole Cooper, José Carreras-Tartak, Emily Falk - "Pre-Registration: Underpinnings of Code Switching: An Observational Study of Black Americans' Code Switching Tendency"

12:30 - 13:45

High Density: New Developments in Tobacco and Vaping Communication

Location: Hyatt - Regency 8

  • Brittany Zulkiewicz & Andy Tan - "The effects of epistmic beliefs on perceptions of e-cigarette harms following exposure to e-cigarette misinformation"

  • Mary Andrews, Nicole Cooper, Emily Falk, José Carreras-Tartak - "Causal effects of Point-of-Sale Cigarette Promotions on Smokers' Craving: Effects of price promotions and subjective social status"

High Density: Communicating Care and Resiliency

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 351

  • David Cordero, Mary Andrews, Elaine Hanby, Andy Tan - "Resilience, Community Connectedness, and Coping Behavior Associations Among Sexual Minority Women and Gender Minority Individuals"

Platform Politics

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 342A M

  • Heather Jaber - "The affective trial of Lebanon: Converting humiliation to pride at the World Economic Forum"

Challenges and Opportunities for Local Journalism and Communities

Location: Hyatt - Regency 7

  • Louisa Lincoln - "Universal Access? Investigating News Deserts in the American Public Media System"

15:30 PM - 16:45 PM

Make It Make Sense: Embodied Digital Practices of Belonging and Meaning-Making

Location: Palais des Congres - Room 242A

  • Heather Jaber - Participant, “Egypt, YouTube, and the Digital Economy of Atonement”