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Mobile Phones Help Americans Encounter More Diverse News

Thanks largely to mobile phones, Americans are reading news from a wider range of sources, though many do not read any online news at all.


How Misinformed Vaccine Beliefs Affect Policy Views

Vaccine misperceptions are the strongest driver of opposition to pro-vaccination public policies.

Graduate Student News

Lizzie Martin Named 2020-21 APSA Public Scholarship Fellow

The program introduces graduate students to presenting academic scholarship to the public.


Democrats and Republicans Dislike Each Other Far Less Than Most Believe

A new study indicates that some of our political polarization is based on unfounded beliefs.


Local News Volume Does Not Increase Pro-Social Behaviors During COVID-19

A new study from doctoral candidate Sean Fischer shows the limits of local news to overcome nationally polarized issues.


Comm Major Alum Jordan Grossman C’08 Pursues Career in Public Service

Grossman is running for City Council in Washington, D.C., where his family has lived for five generations.

Graduate Student News

Do Eon Lee Awarded GAPSA-Provost Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Innovation

Lee will use the fellowship funding to enhance her dissertation project.


Annenberg Researchers Shift Focus to Coronavirus

Topics include media consumption and misinformation, social media whistle blowers, partisanship, impact on workers, and more.

Undergraduate News

A Class Trip in the Time of Coronavirus? That Can Go Virtual Too.

Lecturer Al Hunt recreated his annual class field trip to Washington, D.C. using video conferencing software.