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Aymar Jean Christian (Ph.D. ’12) Launches Web Series “Two Queens in a Kitchen” To Showcase LGBTQ Artists of Color

The series features artists, LGBTQ identifying individuals, and people of color discussing important social issues while making a healthy snack.


Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication Releases CARGC Report 1

The study explores the potential of interactive voice response systems to engage citizens in peacebuilding in Rwanda.

Faculty News

Professor Desmond Patton Collaborates with Data Scientist on ROADS-funded Project to Prevent Gang Violence

Dr. Desmon Patton and Owen Rambow plan to develop an algorithm that analyzes the language used by gang members online.


Project for Advanced Research in Global Communication Releases PARGC Paper 4 by Arjun Appadurai

"The Academic Digital Divide and Uneven Global Development" warns against the dangers of “knowledge-based imperialism and scholarly apartheid.”

Annenberg Student and Alumna Collaborate To Crowdsource Book Translation

Weiyu Zhang (Ph.D '08) and doctoral student Kecheng Fang collaborated on the Chinese translation of The Internet and New Social Formation in China: Fandom Publics in the Making.

Graduate Student News

Computational Social Science Course Brings Annenberg, Northwestern, and Wisconsin Together

The graduate course on the emerging field of computational social science brings the three schools together in real time.

Faculty News

Kraidy Receives Carnegie Fellowship to Study the Spectacle of the Islamic State

Kraidy will study how the Islamic State uses graphic violence in media to maximize fear and horror worldwide.


When Social Movements Reach Their Tipping Point, and Why Scientific Collaboration is Important

Collective effervescence shows how the actions of a few activists online can bubble up, spread, and shape history.


How are Adolescents Affected by What They Watch on TV?

The study explores how sex, drugs, and violence on TV impact teenagers and their choices.

Graduate Student News

Doctoral Candidate Eleanor Marchant Pursues Dissertation Fieldwork in Kenya

Marchant's research focuses on narratives around technology and innovation in Kenya, and who controls and shapes them.