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Refuting Groupthink, Network Dynamics Group Research Proves That Wisdom of Crowds Can Prevail

Real-world implications include climate-change science, financial forecasting, medical decision-making, and organizational design.


Digital Media: Transformations in Human Communication, Second Edition Edited by Paul Messaris and Lee Humphreys (Ph.D. ‘07)

The book boasts a wide range of scholars as contributors, including 11 with Annenberg connections.

Graduate Student News

Doctoral Student Elisabetta Ferrari Studies Activism and Technology

Ferrari researches how social movements use digital technologies, and how activists think about technology personally and politically.

Faculty News

Intervening in Gang Violence

Columbia's interdisciplinary research team is using language processing and qualitative analysis of social media posts to develop a mechanism to identify and intervene in gang violence.


Study Finds Linkage Between Social Network Structure and Brain Activity

People who are surrounded by different types of social networks use their brains differently.

Faculty News

Austin Lecture 2017: Social Workers Need to Understand Impact of Cyber-interaction on Adolescents

The future of social work embraces technology and uses it as a tool to better engage with and understand young clients.

Graduate Student News

Forbush Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Forbush will receive three years of funding to conduct individual research.


How Your Brain Makes Articles Go Viral

Why do some articles spread and others don’t? How does your brain decide what to read and share?

Graduate Student News

Maris and Shapiro Awarded Internships with Microsoft Research Labs

Maris will intern with the Social Media Collective, and Shapiro with the Society, Ethics and AI working group.

Call for Submissions

Call for Applications: 2017 Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute

Scholars, lawyers, activists, and policymakers discuss the effects of technology and policy from a multidisciplinary perspective.