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Faculty News

Kraidy Receives Carnegie Fellowship to Study the Spectacle of the Islamic State

Kraidy will study how the Islamic State uses graphic violence in media to maximize fear and horror worldwide.

Faculty News

Diana Mutz Awarded Guggenheim Fellowship to Study Attitudes Toward Globalization

Mutz's project looks at how the public understands globalization and how it affects the way they form political preferences.


When Social Movements Reach Their Tipping Point, and Why Scientific Collaboration is Important

Collective effervescence shows how the actions of a few activists online can bubble up, spread, and shape history.


How are Adolescents Affected by What They Watch on TV?

The study explores how sex, drugs, and violence on TV impact teenagers and their choices.


Maria Popova (C’07) to Speak at Annenberg's 2016 Undergraduate Graduation​

The Brain Pickings founder is known for curating, writing, and sharing articles about the universe of topics she finds interesting.

Graduate Student News

Doctoral Candidate Eleanor Marchant Pursues Dissertation Fieldwork in Kenya

Marchant's research focuses on narratives around technology and innovation in Kenya, and who controls and shapes them.


Chatman, Ristovska Named 2016-18 George Gerbner Postdoctoral Fellows

Chatman is a recent graduate of USC's Annenberg School, and Ristovska recently graduated from the Annenberg School at Penn.

Faculty News

Yphtach Lelkes to Join the Annenberg Faculty this Fall

His research focuses on how media environments influence people’s political opinions, attitudes, and voting behavior.


Half of Americans Concerned Zika Will Spread to Their Neighborhoods

"The Annenberg Science Knowledge (ASK) survey shows a high level of awareness but also confusion about the virus."

Undergraduate News

Annenberg in Washington Supports Summer Internships in D.C.

The program offers competitive grants to help support undergraduate students during their internships.