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TCORS Study Shows Effectiveness of Testimonial Warning Labels on Tobacco Products

Warning labels featuring photos of real smokers who were harmed by their habit were more effective than text-only labels.


Alumna Q&A: Eileen Le Han (Ph.D. '14) On Her New Book, Micro-blogging Memories

Han's book looks at the past and present of the Chinese microblogging site Weibo.


National Academy of Sciences President Marcia McNutt Delivers 2016 Annenberg Lecture

McNutt discussed best practices in science communication and how they have shifted over time.


Pope’s Encyclical Did Not Raise Broad Public Concern Over Climate Change

Study finds little overall change in concern among Catholics and non-Catholics.

Call for Abstracts: ICA Preconference on Varieties of Publics and Counterpublics

This preconference aims to reinvigorate scholarly debates about publics and public spheres and their implications for democratic politics.


Want To Exercise More? Get Yourself Some Competition.

In a new study, competition proved a far stronger motivation for exercise than friendly support.


Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication Releases CARGC Report 1

The study explores the potential of interactive voice response systems to engage citizens in peacebuilding in Rwanda.

Faculty News

Mutz Awarded David O. Sears Book Award for In-Your-Face Politics

The award is given for the best book published over the past year in the field of political psychology of mass politics.


New Study Shows Reading Harry Potter Lowers Americans’ Opinions of Donald Trump

Even when controlling for party identification, gender, education level, age, and other factors, the effect remained.


New Book by Marwan Kraidy: The Naked Blogger of Cairo

Kraidy's 10th book explores the creative insurgency behind the Arab Spring: its self-immolations, graffiti, puppetry, videos, slogans, and satire.