Center for Information Networks and Democracy

Committed to excellence in research on the benefits and risks that information networks have for democracy.

Two professors and ten students seated in a horseshoe shape with a wall of windows behind them


Led by Sandra González-Bailón and Yphtach Lelkes, CIND brings together researchers developing creative, evidence-driven work at the intersection of political communication and computational social science. We aim to advance our understanding of information networks and their impact on democracy.


Research Areas

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Algorithmic Curation

Illustration of a group of people working together to lift a fallen tree.

Collective Action

Illustration of city buildings with colorful ones and dark ones divided by a road.

Digital Inequalities

Abstract image of a red landscape divided in two with black silhouette's standing on each side.

Political Segregation

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Information Ecosystems

Illustration of protestors holding up signs.

Political Engagement

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