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MIC Center Releases “The Platform Economy and the Future of the City” Report

Philadelphia is in a unique position to become proactive on issues surrounding the platform economy.


Media, Inequality, and Change Center Hosts Launch Symposium

The MIC Center brings together academics and activists to address social issues.


MIC Center Hosts “The Platform Economy and the Future of the City” Symposium

The event brought together workers, organizers and activists, lawyers and other legal experts, and academics studying worker rights.


Media, Inequality and Change Center Receives Lenfest Institute Grant

The grant will allow MIC to facilitate dialogue between Philadelphia’s leading journalists and public advocates.


2018 COMPASS Summer Fellows Head to Washington D.C.

The program aims to bridge the research interests of future scholars with active policy agendas.

Faculty News

Q&A: Victor Pickard and Todd Wolfson on the Media, Inequality, and Change Center

The MIC Center is a joint project of the Annenberg School and Rutgers University's School of Communication and Information.