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Faculty News

Vice President Joe Biden Joins Annenberg as a Presidential Practice Professor

Biden has been named the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor at Penn.

Faculty News

Zelizer Publishes New Book, What Journalism Could Be

Zelizer examines journalism’s complicated history, prompting readers to rethink how the news works and why it matters.


Study Finds Troubling Consequences for Anti-Muslim and Anti-Mexican Attitudes and Actions

Those holding anti-immigrant sentiment were more likely to support increased surveillance, restricting immigration, and deportation.

Undergraduate News

Annenberg Communication Majors Present Research at CURF Symposium

Hope Mackenzie, Jaslyn McIntosh, Blake Pittell, and Jennifer Wright are developing original research for their senior theses.


Seth Grossman (C’01) to Speak at Annenberg’s 2017 Undergraduate Graduation

Grossman's impressive career includes the role of Deputy General Counsel at the Department of Homeland Security.


Mindfulness Motivates People to Make Healthier Choices

New study shows mindful people are more receptive to health messaging and more likely to change.

Call for Submissions

Call for Applications: 2017 Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute

Scholars, lawyers, activists, and policymakers discuss the effects of technology and policy from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Call for Submissions

Call for Applications: 2017 Milton Wolf Seminar on Media and Diplomacy

The Seminar will examine how visions for society are produced, sustained, and at times defeated.


Scholars Program Welcomes Lisa Henderson (Ph.D. ’90) and Isabel Molina-Guzmán (Ph.D. ’00)

Alums Henderson and Molina-Guzmán have returned to Annenberg this semester as visiting scholars.


Gun Violence in PG-13 Movies Continues to Climb Past R-Rated Films

Portrayals of gun violence in PG-13 movies more than doubled from 1985-2015.