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Transatlantic Group Urges Transparency and Accountability for Digital Platforms

A new report from the Annenberg Public Policy Center advocates for the regulation of accountability, not speech.

Graduate Student News

Do Eon Lee Awarded GAPSA-Provost Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Innovation

Lee will use the fellowship funding to enhance her dissertation project.

Faculty News

Sarah J. Jackson and Duncan J. Watts Awarded 2020 Andrew Carnegie Fellowships

Jackson will study Black media-makers, and Watts will study bias and misinformation in media.


Use of Conservative and Social Media Linked with COVID-19 Misinformation

People who rely on mainstream TV and print news are better informed.


CDCS Digital Launch Embodies the Ascendant Influence of Digital Culture

The event highlighted new ways of thinking about digital technology and society.

Research Debunks Coronavirus Myths

The work to combat misinformation about the virus has been cited in many media outlets.


What is Your Risk from Smoking? Your Network Knows!

A new study found that people more accurately assess smoking’s risks when they discuss their ideas with others.

Faculty News

Cyberwar Wins NCA’s 2019 Roderick P. Hart Outstanding Book Award

This is the second time Jamieson has received the Hart Award.

Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: Social Media, Algorithms, News, and Public Engagements in the Asia-Pacific and Beyond

Submissions should examine social media and algorithms in connection to the changing practices in news production and circulation.


Brevity is the Soul of Twitter: 280-Character Limit Makes Twitter More Civil

Professor Yphtach Lelkes analyzed tweets from before and after Twitter implemented the increased character limit.