Graduate Diversity Advisor and Professional Development Supervisor
Cartoonist & Freelance Writer
Portrait of Emile Bruneau
Research Associate and Lecturer
Executive Vice-President and Chief Methodologist, SSRS
David Eisenhower
Director, Institute for Public Service
Lecturer, Annenberg School for Communication
Jin Woo Kim
George Gerbner Postdoctoral Fellow, Annenberg School for Communication
Samantha Moore-Berg
Postdoctoral Fellow, Peace and Conflict Neuroscience Lab
Matthew Brook O'Donnell
Research Assistant Professor, Communication Neuroscience Lab
Adjunct instructor Litty Paxton at Annenberg School for Communication ASC UPenn
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Scott Reich
Enterprise Digital Counsel, American Express
Critic-at-Large, The Chronicle of Higher Education
Fernanda Rosa
Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication
Zeyno Ustun
Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Media at Risk
Kim Woolf adjunct at Annenberg School for Communication ASC UPenn
Academic Advisor and Research Supervisor for Undergraduate Studies