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Graduate Student News

Kikut and Maddocks Named Provost’s Graduate Academic Engagement Fellows

During the two year fellowship, Kikut and Maddocks will both study aspects of adolescence.


Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication Releases CARGC Paper 13 by Stanislav Budnitsky

Budnitksy considers the cultural logics underlying Russia’s global internet governance agenda.


Sonia Shaikh Named 2020-2022 Gerbner Fellow

Shaikh’s scholarly interests include artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and information exchange.


What is Your Risk from Smoking? Your Network Knows!

A new study found that people more accurately assess smoking’s risks when they discuss their ideas with others.

Faculty News

Co-Edited by Professor González-Bailón, New Book Features Work By Annenberg Faculty and Alumni

Scholars across the social and technological sciences provide guidance on conducting research in the digital era.


Understanding How Information Flows Into and Out of Gitmo

Doctoral student Muira McCammon studies the intersection of technology, law, and military policy.

Faculty News

Network Dynamics Scholar Damon Centola Promoted to Full Professor

He is radically changing the way we understand longstanding sociological and communication issues.


Exploring Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Iceland

A virtual reality film, photo series, and soundscape document the effect the industry is having on natural resources and people.

Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: Social Media, Algorithms, News, and Public Engagements in the Asia-Pacific and Beyond

Submissions should examine social media and algorithms in connection to the changing practices in news production and circulation.


Brevity is the Soul of Twitter: 280-Character Limit Makes Twitter More Civil

Professor Yphtach Lelkes analyzed tweets from before and after Twitter implemented the increased character limit.