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A Conversation with Stacey Abrams

The Georgia politician sat down with Ben Jealous to discuss topics from gerrymandering to romance novels in a virtual discussion.

Faculty News

Sarah J. Jackson Wins McGannon Award for #HashtagActivism

The book considers the ways in which networks of historically subordinated groups mobilize progressive change on social media.

Faculty News

Black Media-Makers and the Fierce Urgency of Now

Professor Sarah J. Jackson organized a day-long symposium focused on the unique challenges experienced by Black storytellers.


Annenberg School Announces New Event Series: Annenberg Conversations

Each year, Annenberg Conversations will focus on a different topic of interest, beginning with race in America.

Faculty News

Jackson Joins MIC Center as Co-Director

Jackson's research on media use by and representation of marginalized publics intersects with and complements the MIC Center's mission.

Undergraduate News

Toni Walker C'20 Visits South Africa to Study Black Womxn and Queer Artists

Her research explores the nuances of freedom and democracy particularly for marginalized communities.

Faculty News

Sarah J. Jackson and Duncan J. Watts Awarded 2020 Andrew Carnegie Fellowships

Jackson will study Black media-makers, and Watts will study bias and misinformation in media.


A Q&A with Ben Jealous, Former NAACP Head Turned Tech Investor

Jealous discussed the course he's teaching, what he thinks of today’s political climate, and more.


Understanding Why Teachers Discriminate Against Minority Students

Teachers in Hungary are more likely to discriminate against Roma students than non-Roma students.