Andrew A. Strasser, Ph.D.

Research Professor of Psychiatry, Perelman School

Andrew Strasser is trained in biobehavioral health and has been conducting tobacco-related research for over 15 years. His research interests include behavioral variations and individual differences and usage patterns in cigarette smoking, with a specific focus on investigating the effect smoking behavior and topography have on biomarkers of exposure. He also conducts research on how advertising and labeling affects risk perception, beliefs, and use of tobacco products. He has expertise in assessing and analyzing smoking behavior data, collection and analysis of biomarker data. Other research has included several health communications projects, including an investigation of how smoking cues and other visual media impact smokers’ attitudes, urge to smoke, and physiological responses; and, research on how cigarette warning labels affect health risk beliefs.

Selected Publications

Andrew Strasser, Ph.D. is a Research Professor of Psychiatry at the Perelman School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania. He is Principal Investigator for TCORS Project 3 and an Investigator for the Tobacco FactCheck Core.

Strasser's Network

  • Health Communication
  • Penn Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science