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Anjali DasSarma

Anjali DasSarma Headshot
  • Doctoral Student

Anjali DasSarma works at the intersection of journalism studies, race and ethnic studies, and history to better make sense of the role of journalism in American history and contemporary society.

Anjali DasSarma’s research meets at the junction of community and journalistic practices, race, historiography, and equity. Her work is inspired by scholars like Michel-Rolph Trouillot, examining journalism’s role in shaping exclusion in society and querying the role of journalists as actors in the production of knowledge and history.

Anjali received her Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication Studies from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2021. During her undergraduate career, she was Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper and interned at The Baltimore Sun, the Newseum, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, among other institutions. Following these experiences, she completed her Master of Arts in American Studies at Brown University in 2022.

While at Brown, her research focused on the relationship between Indigenous slavery and the history of American journalism, and she served as a Research Assistant on the Stolen Relations project, a database that aims to archive stories of Indigenous enslavement. This work culminated in a co-authored article entitled “The Persistence of Indigenous Unfreedom in Early American Newspaper Advertisements, 1704-1804” published in the journal Slavery & Abolition.


  • B.A., University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2021
  • M.A., Brown University, 2022

Selected Publications