Silvia Téliz Headshot

Silvia Téliz

Silvia Téliz Headshot
  • Doctoral Student
  • Doctoral Fellow, Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication

Silvia is interested in researching the representation of racial and skin color stereotypes in Latin American mass media.

Silvia was born and raised in Mexico City. She obtained a B.A. degree in Communication from Universidad Panamericana, where she later taught the Quantitative Research in Communication undergraduate course. After graduating college in 2018, she collaborated in numerous research consulting projects, mainly on gender and transparency issues. She used quantitative methods to evaluate public policy programs for Mexican institutions such as the National Institute for Information Access and the National Judiciary. In 2021, she became a Fulbright-García Robles grantee.


  • B.A., Universidad Panamericana, 2018