Working Groups

Working groups provide faculty and students interested in a particular topic the structure to facilitate discussion and debate. Learn more about our current working groups below.

CAMRA is an interdisciplinary collective of researchers and educators committed to participatory, experimental media-making, engaging in projects and workshops that use multimodal representation to push knowledge production in new directions.
At the DiMeNet group we analyze how we interact, communicate, and organize by reconstructing the behavioral traces we leave online, applying tools developed in the fields of network science, data mining, and computational sociology.
A collaborative, interdisciplinary space at the intersection of media studies and social movement theory, the Media Activism Research Collective (MARC) links students with peers, scholars and resources to foster deep learning and insightful research on activism, social movements and media.
Members are interested in the production and circulation of media materials and/or their policy implications. They share research ideas, engage in with visiting industry executives and policymakers, and meet regularly to discuss issues of theory, method, and current events.