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Faculty News

Emile Bruneau Meets With Dalai Lama Through United States Institute for Peace Delegation

Bruneau traveled to India to accompany a United States Institute of Peace delegation of 28 youth activists.


New Book by Marwan Kraidy: The Naked Blogger of Cairo

Kraidy's 10th book explores the creative insurgency behind the Arab Spring: its self-immolations, graffiti, puppetry, videos, slogans, and satire.


New Book by Guobin Yang Explores the Red Guard Generation in China

Yang explores what happened to the "sent-down" generation and how their experiences shaped China for decades to come.

Undergraduate News

Undergraduates Become Consultants in Joan Garry’s Course on Nonprofit Communication

Student teams work with local non-profits to design and help implement a comprehensive communication strategy.


When Social Movements Reach Their Tipping Point, and Why Scientific Collaboration is Important

Collective effervescence shows how the actions of a few activists online can bubble up, spread, and shape history.