Farrah Rahaman

Portrait of Farrah Rahaman
Doctoral Student

Farrah Rahaman is cultural worker and graduate student from San Fernando, Trinidad.

Principally, she is interested in a deep interrogation of contemporary representational politics which seeks to critically move beyond progressive notions of inclusion to deconstruct and transform media systems.

Her work also explores the activist and artist networks in the Caribbean and Latin America who are actively eroding colonially produced calcifications through their collaboration. Such collectives embody the rich and defiant intellectual heritage of the Global South to enact anti-hegemonic processes and imagine an environment beyond crisis. 

Rahaman is the Program Coordinator at BlackStar, a 2016 CAMRA Undergraduate Fellow, 2018 NextDoc Fellow, and a 2018 Leeway Foundation Art and Change Award recipient. 


Farrah Rahaman is a doctoral student at the Annenberg School for Communication.

Rahaman's Network

  • CAMRA at Penn
  • Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication
  • Center for Experimental Ethnography
  • Center on Digital Culture and Society
  • Media Activism Research Collective