Annenberg Presentations at ICA 2019

We've compiled a helpful list of all presentations being given by Annenberg authors.

By Julie Sloane

More than 75 faculty, students, postdoctoral fellows, and research staff will present research at the International Communication Association’s 69th Annual Conference, to be held May 24-28 at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C.

All Annenberg contributions to the conference are listed below, with panel name and room location.

Please Note: For group presentations, the first author listed is the designated presenter, except where otherwise noted. Non-Annenberg authors on the papers have been omitted in this list, except when they are presenters, but are available in the full program.

Thursday, May 23

8:00 – 17:00

Preconference: Digital Journalism in Latin America (Offsite - George Washington University, School of Media & Public Affairs, Rooms 306-308)

  • Celeste Wagner — Discussant

Friday, May 24

8:00 – 16:30

Preconference: Justice and Order in the Datafied Society: Connecting Communications and Legal Theory (Offsite - American University, Washington College of Law)

  • Joseph Turow — Panelist, "Autonomy and Voice in the Datafied Society"

8:00 – 17:00

Preconference: Taming and Nurturing the Wild Child: Government and Corporate Policies for Social Media (Morgan)

  • Chloé Nurik — "Blind Trust, Amplified Discrimination: Facebook's Advertising System, Algorithmic Bias, and the Problem of Self-Regulation"

8:30 – 17:00

Preconference: New Conceptualizations and Research to Inform Message Testing: Perceived Message Effectiveness and Its Alternatives (Jefferson West)

  • Joseph N. Cappella — Chair

Preconference: #CommunicationSoWhite: Discipline, Scholarship, and the Media (Offsite - Georgetown University, location TBD)

  • John L. Jackson, Jr. — Participant

9:00 – 16:30

Preconference: A Media Welfare State? The Relevance of Welfare State Perspectives on Media Transformation and Regulation (Cabinet Room)

  • Victor Pickard — "American Media Exceptionalism and the Public Option"

9:00 – 17:00

Preconference: Global Populism: Its Roots in Media and Religion (International Ballroom - East)

  • John L. Jackson, Jr. — Participant

Preconference: Mediated Recognition: Identity, Justice and Activism (Cardozo)

  • Guobin Yang — Co-Chair

Preconference: Political Communication Division Graduate Student Preconference (Offsite - George Washington University, School of Media & Public Affairs)

  • Lizzie Martin — "Something Old, Something New: Newspaper Coverage of Republican Women on Social Media in the 2018 Midterm Elections"
  • Alex Tolkin — "Kavanaugh and the Court: Institutional Legitimacy in the #MeToo Era"

12:00 – 16:30

Preconference: Engaged Journalism: Bridging Research and Practice (Offsite – Arizona State University – Barbara Barrett and Sandra Day O’Connor Washington Center, 8th Floor)

  • Antoine Haywood — "Doing Community Journalism: A Case Study"

13:00 – 17:00

Preconference: Critical Incidents in Journalism (Jay)

  • Barbie Zelizer — Respondent
  • Florence Madenga — "(Re)telling the Story: Is the Rwanda Genocide a Critical Incident in Journalism?"
  • Jeanna Sybert — "The Voices of Aleppo's Children: Reevaluating Journalistic Practices for New Coverage of Children Following the Syrian Civil War"

Saturday, May 25

8:00 – 9:15

Understanding Public Connection in the Age of Populism and Polarization (Georgetown East)

  • Barbie Zelizer — "Why the Babysitter Model of Journalism Needs to Go"

Understanding Incivility and Its Effects (International Ballroom - West)

  • Yphtach Lelkes — Chair

9:30 – 10:45

Misinformation, Disinformation, Fake News and Fact Checking 1 (Jefferson East)

  • Yotam Ophir — Chair
  • Stefanie Gratale — "Inoculating Against Misinformation: A Theoretical Application to Health-Related Marketing"

11:00 – 12:15

A Modern History of the Disinformation Age: Communication, Technology, and Democracy in Transition (Lincoln West)

  • Victor Pickard — "Confronting Policy Failure (We Have Been Here Before)"

Affective Polarization (International Ballroom – East)

  • Eric Forbush — "Nazis and Snowflakes: Incivility Drives Affective Polarization and Shifts the Tone of Online Political Discourse"

12:30 – 13:45

Global Communication and Social Change Interactive Poster Session (International Terrace)

  • Clovis Bergère — "From Street Corners to Social Media: the Changing Location of Youth Citizenship in Guinea"

14:00 – 15:15

Journalism at Risk: Threats, Hate Speech, and the Negotiation of News Norms Under Duress (Georgetown East)

  • Barbie Zelizer — Discussant

Applying Computer Vision in Communication Research (Morgan)

  • Yilang Peng — Chair
  • Yilang Peng (presented by Han Zhang) — "How People Use Pictures in Political Protests and Why It Matters"

Material and Embodied Expressions of Disruption, Dissent, and Dialogue: From Broadway Performances to Street Art (Columbia 11)

  • Hanna E. Morris — "Aesthetic Disruptions in Everyday Life: Resolving the Contradictions of a Cosmopolitan Ideal in Contemporary Berlin"

New Research on Identity in Political Communication (Jay)

  • Yphtach Lelkes (presented by Bert Bakker) — "An Expressive Utility Account of Partisan Cue Receptivity: Cognitive Resources in the Service of Identity Expression"

Research on Audience Response to Graphic Warning Labels (Columbia 5)

  • Emma Jesch — "'I Quit’: Testing the Added Value of Including an Efficacy-Focused Message on Cigarette Package Warning Labels"

Rethinking Journalism through New Conceptual Approaches (Embassy)

  • Jennifer R. Henrichsen — "Reconceptualizing Indigenous Journalism Through Information Poverty Theory"

Temporality and Memories of Protest (Jefferson West)

  • Clovis Bergère — "Reclaiming Political Time/Assembling Youth on Guinean Social Media"

The Infrastructural Condition (Lincoln East)

  • Aaron Shapiro and Zane Cooper — Chairs
  • Zane Cooper — "Mining for the Future: Blockchain, Renewable Energy, and Emerging Extractive Entanglements in the Arctic"
  • Aaron Shapiro — "Induction Machines and Infrastructures of Inference"

15:30 – 16:45

CAT Top Papers

  • Lik Sam Chan — "The Rise of Blued, China’s World Largest Gay Social App: How Politics, Visions, and Capital Construct an Emerging Technology"

Communication Law & Policy: Policy Implications for Public Participation (Monroe)

  • Pawel Popiel — "Let’s Talk about Regulation: The Revolving Door, Partisanship, and Regulatory Discourses at the FCC"
  • Pawel Popiel — "Lost in Translation? Public Policy Input and the 2017 Net Neutrality Repeal"

Entertaining Ideas of Politics and Media (Jay)

  • Eunji Kim — "Entertaining Beliefs in Economic Mobility"
  • Michael X. Delli Carpini (presented by Nikita Savin) — "Making Politics Attractive: Political Satire and Selective Exposure to Political Information in New Media Environment in Russia"

Evolving Cultures of Media Witnessing in the Digital Age (Lincoln East)

  • Barbie Zelizer — "Why Invisibility Makes the News More Visible"

Gender, Memory, and Media (Embassy)

  • Celeste Wagner — "Women as the Symbolic (Re)builders of the Nation: Women’s Day Posters in East Germany (1945-1961)"
  • Muira McCammon — "Fragments of the Führer(bunker): A Multi-Methods Mnemonic Exploration in Post-War Berlin"

Network Dynamics on Social Media (Oaklawn)

  • Tian Yang, Subhayan Mukerjee, and Sandra González-Bailón — "Niche News and Peripheral Fragmentation: A Network Percolation Approach to the Analysis of News Consumption"
  • Alvin Zhou and Sandra González-Bailón — "Revisiting Ideological Segregation on the Web: A Block Model Approach to Audience Network Data"

Top Four Papers in Health Communication (Columbia 5)

  • Damon Centola (presented by Jingwen Zhang) — "Facts or Stories? How to Use Social Media for Cervical Cancer Prevention: A Multi-Method Study and Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effects of Sender Type and Content Type on Message Shares"

Gendered Bodies and Representations: Feminist Understandings of Identity and Diversity (Cardozo)

  • Jasmine Erdener — "Seeking the Raced and Gendered Body in a Cyborg Future"

17:00 – 18:15

A Sampling of Urban Communication Scholarship - The James W. Carey Urban Communication Grant: A Decade of Support (Embassy)

  • Jessa Lingel — Panelist

Polarized Media, Polarized Opinions? (Georgetown East)

  • Dominik Stecula — "Politicized News: How the News Media Contributed to the Polarized Climate in the United States"

Sunday, May 26

8:00 – 9:15

Competitively Selected Papers around Media, Representation and News in Global Contexts (Columbia 6)

  • Lauren Bridges — "Hacking the News: Constructing Murdoch’s Professional and The Myth of The Entrepreneur"

Efficacy of Social Media-Based Health Interventions (Columbia 7)

  • Sijia Yang — "Attention Grabbing, Persuasiveness, and Virality: Theme Selection for Social Media-Based Health Campaigns"

Studies in Framing and Agenda Setting (Jefferson West)

  • Leeann Siegel — "Framing an Epidemic: Impacts of Framing and Exemplar Characteristics in Opioid Epidemic News Articles on Attributions of Responsibility and Policy Support"

Mind and Body: Health in the CAM Space (Monroe)

  • Amy Bleakley — Discussant

Marginalized Communities and Technology Policy: Transcending Boundaries with Qualitative Research (Shaw)

  • Chloé Nurik (presented by Jan Fernback) — "Marginalized Communities and Technology Policy: Transcending Boundaries with Qualitative Research"

9:30 – 10:45

Combatting Misinformation (Columbia 6)

  • Eric Forbush, Douglas Guilbeault, and Damon Centola — "Misinformation, Modularity, and Bot Zealots in the Wisdom of the Crowds"

Data, Metrics and Audiences (Fairchild)

  • Lee McGuigan — "Automating the Audience Commodity: The Unacknowledged Ancestry of Programmatic Advertising"
  • Chloé Nurik — "Prioritizing Power Over Empowerment: The Rapid Rise and Imminent Fall of Femvertising"

Popular Communication at the Edge: Nationalizing Media in a New Era of Populist Politics (Cabinet Room)

  • Stanislav Budnitsky — "Moscow Calling: Patriotic Pranking in the Age of Putin"

The Effects of Opinion Diversity (Georgetown West)

  • Damon Centola (presented by Joshua Becker) — "The Wisdom of Partisan Crowds"

9:30 – 12:15

EXTENDED SESSION: Queer Digital Cultures: Identities, Communities, and Counter-Conducts (Columbia 12)

  • Jessa Lingel — "Dazzle Camouflage as Queer Counter Conduct"

11:00 – 12:15

Media Power and Racial Capitalism: The Lasting Legacy of Cedric Robinson’s Black Marxism (Columbia 6)

  • John L. Jackson, Jr. — Discussant

Rethinking East and West Thirty Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall (Cabinet Room)

  • Barbie Zelizer — Discussant

High Density: Hearts and Minds: New Pathways to Environmental Persuasion (Monroe)

  • Hang Lu — "Attitude Toward 'Scary Victims': Exploring the Order Effects of Emotion-Inducing Messages About Conservation"

Radical Pedagogies and Identity Formation (Jay)

  • Rosemary Clark-Parsons — Chair

12:30 – 1:45

Health Narratives and Conversations as Sense-Making Mechanisms (Embassy)

  • Samira Rajabi — "The Search for Meaning: Memetic Logics and Making Sense of Trauma in Digital Space"

Mobile Effects (Columbia 8)

  • Aaron Shapiro — "Managed Flexibility: Operations Management and Worker Control in the On-Demand Economy"

Navigating Power Online: Self-Expression, Repression and Survival (International Ballroom – East)

  • Julia Ticona — "Reconceptualizing Worker Voice: Online Occupational Communities in Precarious Work"

Communication Praxis and Authoritarian Regimes (Van Ness)

  • Celeste Wagner — Discussant

14:00 – 15:15

Transnational Implications of #MeToo (Cardozo)

  • Rosemary Clark-Parsons — "'I See You, I Believe You, I Stand with You': #MeToo and the Performance of Networked Feminist Visibility"
  • Chloé Nurik — "From #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou to #MeToo: Femtags, Testimonials of Trauma, and the Rhetorical Strategies of Feminist Protest"

Trends in Advertising and Media Coverage of E-Cigarettes (Columbia 5)

  • Kwanho Kim, Laura Gibson, Sharon Williams, and Robert C. Hornik — "Automated Coding of E-cigarette and Other Tobacco Product Valence in Long-form and Social Media: The Effects of Product, Source, and Time"
  • Leeann Siegel, Allyson Volinsky, and Laura Gibson — "Do Longitudinal Trends in Tobacco 21-Related Media Coverage Correlate with Policy Support? An Exploratory Analysis using Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Methods"
  • Robert C. Hornik, Laura Gibson, Allyson Volinsky, Sharon Williams, and Ava Kikut — "Consistency of Messages across Media Sources for Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes over 36 Months: Evidence for a Public Communication Environment"

How Far Have We Come? Public Relations Theory Building and Development (Cabinet Room)

  • Alvin Zhou — Respondent

15:30 – 16:45 

ICA Annual Awards and Presidential Address (International Ballroom - Center)

17:00 – 18:15

Political Communication Interactive Poster Session (International Terrace)

  • John Remensperger — "From Practicing Democracy to Protest: The California Bernie Sanders Delegation"

ICA Fellows Panel II: ICA Fellows' Reflections on the Field and the Future (Columbia 6)

  • Michael Delli Carpini — Respondent

Monday, May 27

8:00 – 9:15

Beyond Text Analysis: Combining Text, Network, and Image Analysis Techniques (International Ballroom – Center)

  • Yotam Ophir (presented by Dror Walter) — "A Multi-Method Approach for Identifying and Grouping Frame Elements With Topic Modeling and Network Analysis"

Space and Material Practices of Protest (Gunston)

  • Elisabetta Ferrari — Chair

9:30 – 10:45

Biological Mechanisms in Message Processing (Columbia 6)

  • Rui Pei, Robert C. Hornik, and Emily Falk (presented by Elissa Kranzler) — "Message-Elicited Brain Response Moderates Relationship between Opportunities for Exposure to Anti-Smoking Messages and Message Recall"

Biology, Politics, and Morality (Monroe)

  • Prateekshit Pandey — "Neural Correlates of Political Efficacy: Brain Activity in Response to Civic Information Associated with Political Efficacy"

Challenging Boundaries: Exiled Media and Transformations of Journalistic Practices in At-Risk Areas (Columbia 12)

  • Natacha Yazbeck — "Exile or Death: On the Interplay between Seeing and Being Seen in Contemporary Coverage of Yemen and Syria"

Computational Approaches to Health Communication (Holmead)

  • Sijia Yang (presented by Jingwen Zhang) — "First Step Towards an Automated Personalized Persuasive Conversational System: Investigating Moderating Effects of Psychological Factors"

Reconsidering the Nature of News Consumption in a Changing Media Environment (Georgetown East)

  • Celeste Wagner (presented by Pablo J. Boczkowski) — "Angry, Frustrated, and Overwhelmed: The Emotional Experience of Consuming News about President Trump"

Saving Opinion Leaders from Retirement: Fresh Perspectives on a Classic Concept (Lincoln East)

  • Sandra González-Bailón — "Opinion Leaders and Digital News Diets"

Soft Power Interventions: A Critical Perspective from Global Communications Studies (Embassy)

  • Marwan Kraidy — Chair

11:00 – 12:15

Approaches to Detecting and Addressing Misinformation about Health Issues (Columbia 5)

  • Erin Maloney — Chair
  • Stefanie Gratale, Erin Maloney, Yotam Ophir, and Joseph N. Cappella — "Inoculating Against Health Misinformation: An Application to Misleading Cigarette Advertising"
  • Erin Maloney, Stefanie Gratale, and Joseph N. Cappella — "Belief Echoes in Corrective Advertising: Testing Enhanced Correctives to Debunk Tobacco-Related Misinformation"

Celebrity and Fandom (Lincoln East)

  • Do Eon (Donna) Lee and Sean Fischer — "Who Pays Celebrities Any Attention?"

Communication Law & Policy: Communications Beyond Boundaries (Monroe)

  • David Elliot Berman — "The Net Neutrality Consensus: Identifying Blindspots in the Net Neutrality Debate"

Great Ideas For Teaching (GIFTs) (International Ballroom – East)

  • Stefanie Gratale (presented by Angeline Sangalang) — "GIFTS: Public Speaking 'Infinity War'"

National Inflections and Religious Motifs in Visual Discourses across News Coverage, Social Media, and Public Space (Gunston)

  • Yasemin Y. Celikkol — "15 July Blood Sacrifice: Erasing the Muddled Boundaries of Islam and Nationalism in Turkey"

Portrayals of Health Issues in News Media (Columbia 6)

  • Leeann Siegel, Laura Gibson, and Robert C. Hornik (presented by Jiaying Liu) — "Converging or Diverging? A Cross-platform Study of Media Representations of Dynamic Descriptive Norms Through Automated and Crowdsourced Content Analysis"

12:30 – 13:45

Activism, Communication and Social Justice Interactive Poster Session (International Terrace)

  • Ryan Tsapatsaris — "The Medium is the Method: Pseudonymity and Communal Labor on 4chan’s Threads"

Communication History Interactive Poster Session (International Terrace)

  • Elisabetta Ferrari — "Bodies that Matter, Bodies that Don’t: Selective Disembodiment in the Early Wired Magazine (1993-1997)"

Information Systems Interactive Poster Session (International Terrace)

  • Douglas Guilbeault (presented by Joshua Becker) — "The Crowd Classification Problem"

14:00 – 15:15

Hashtag Activism (DuPont)

  • Guobin Yang — Chair

Igniting a TON (Technology, Organizing, and Networks) of Insights: Recognizing the Contributions of Janet Fulk and Peter Monge in Shaping the Future of Communication Research (Columbia 5)

  • Joseph N. Cappella and Sandra González-Bailón — Respondents

Identity and Difference in Interpersonal Interaction (Georgetown West)

  • Yoona Kang and Emily Falk — "Neural Mechanisms of Attitude Change toward Stigmatized Individuals: Temporoparietal-Striatal Functional Connectivity Predicts Bias Reduction"

Normalizing the Unnatural: Discursive and Political Contestation Over Micro and Macrostructures of "The Market" (Columbia 10)

  • Victor Pickard — Chair
  • Victor Pickard — "Journalism’s Market Ontology: How We Naturalize Commercial Media"
  • Jessa Lingel — "Craigslist, Platform Politics and the Informal Economy"
  • Lauren Bridges — "The Information Battlefield: Entanglements of Capital, Policy, and Discourse and the JEDI Cloud Contract"

Visual Strategies in Museum Communication Research (Tenleytown East)

  • Monroe Price — "Museology, Propaganda and Contemporary Exhibitions"

Infrastructure, Culture and Critique: Global Communication for Social Change (Columbia 7)

  • Jasmine Erdener — "Infrastructure in the Jungle: Mobilizing Infrastructure in the Refugee Camps of Calais and along the U.S.-Mexico Border"

15:30 – 16:45

Best of Information Systems (Kalorama)

  • Soojong Kim — "Directionality of Information Flow and Echoes without Chambers"

Factors Influencing Health Messages Processing (Tenleytown West)

  • Natalie Herbert, Sijia Yang, Yotam Ophir, and Joseph N. Cappella (presented by Qingua Yang) — "More is Less? Interaction Effects between Conflicting Recommendations and Information Avoidance on Confusion about E-cigarettes"

Public Relations Division Faculty Top Papers (Columbia 6)

  • Alvin Zhou — "Expanding and Repositioning the 'Ease of Interface' Dialogic Principle: The Role of Affordances in Digital Dialogue and Engagement"

Theorizing the Gig Economy (Lincoln East)

  • Julia Ticona — Co-Chair
  • Julia Ticona — "The Meaning of Measures: A Feminist Approach to Online Markets for Care"

Top Papers in Global Communication and Social Change (Lincoln West)

  • Heather Jaber — "Tricksters on Television: Reviving Female Transgression through the Musalsal"

Top Papers in Mobile Communication (Holmead)

  • Muira McCammon — "Tinder Passport and Grindr Explore: Traveling in the International Date-O-Sphere"

CSaB Multi-Session 1) Best Practices Panel, 2) Research Escalators, and 3) Mentoring Session (Georgetown East)

  • Jennifer R. Henrichsen — Respondent
  • Prateekshit Pandey — Discussant

17:00 – 18:15

Data, Diversity, and the Multifaceted Roles of Journalists and News Users [Works in Progress] (Columbia 12)

  • Tian Yang, Subhayan Mukherjee, and Sandra González-Bailón (presented by Silvia Majo-Vazquez) — "Inequality in Online News Consumption across Time: A Comparison of 23 Countries"

Flipping the Imaginary: How Audiences Imagine Industries, and Why it Matters for Media Industry Studies (Tenleytown East)

  • Emily Hund — "Imagining the Influencer Economy"

Tuesday, May 28

8:00 – 9:15

Black Queer TV Across Production, Representation, and Reception (Columbia 7)

  • John L. Jackson, Jr. — Discussant

Media Coverage and Attributions Regarding Health Topics (Columbia 5)

  • Natalie Herbert — "Measuring Conflict in E-Cigarette Coverage: Content Analysis of U.S. News Stories about E-Cigarettes, 2017-2018"

The Social Life of the Brain: Norms and Networks (Van Ness)

  • Bruce Doré, Elisa Baek, and Emily Falk — "Information Virality is Reflected in a Distributed Neural Representation of Value"
  • Matthew Brook O’Donnell and Emily Falk (presented by Chris Cascio) — "Neural Correlates of Social Norms"
  • Rui Pei and Emily Falk (presented by Chris Cascio) — "Are Neural Mechanisms Associated with Social Feedback and Conformity Different among Teens and Young Adults?"
  • Emily Falk and Matthew Brook O’Donnell (presented by Steven Tompson) — "Response Inhibition in Adolescents is Moderated by Brain Connectivity and Social Network Structure"
  • Rui Pei, Nina Lauharatanahirun, Matthew Brook O’Donnell, and Emily Falk — "Neural Activity during Risky Decision Making Reflects Online Social Network Clustering Structure"
  • Nina Lauharatanahirun, Matthew Brook O’Donnell, and Emily Falk — "Social Influence Shapes Neurobehavioral Correlates of Risky Driving Performance"

9:30 – 10:45

Blue Sky Workshop: Multi-modal Research in Communication (Tenleytown West)

  • John L. Jackson, Jr. — Chair

Gender Work, Gender Play (Jay)

  • John Vilanova — "'I'm Not the Drummer’s Girlfriend': Merch Girls, Tour's Misogynist Mythos, and the Gendered Dynamics of Live Music’s Backline Labor"

Natural Disasters And Risk Communication Across Boundaries (Shaw)

  • Kathleen Hall Jamieson (presented by Robert B. Lull) — "Modeling Risk Perceptions, Benefit Perceptions, and Approval of Releasing Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes as a Response to Zika Virus"

Political Media Effects in a Digital Era (Jefferson West)

  • Yphtach Lelkes — "Political Persuasion and Pop-ups: Using the Browser as a Tool for Political Persuasion"

Simulation Studies of Communication (Kalorama)

  • Soojong Kim — Chair
  • Soojong Kim (presented by Poong Oh) — "An Evolutionary Model of the Emergence of Meanings"
  • Soojong Kim — "Chambers without Echoes: Computational and Experimental Evidence on Information Propagation in Homogeneous Networks"

Community and Alternative Media Practices (Tenleytown East)

  • Jasmine Erdener — Chair

11:00 – 12:15

Publics and Counter-Public (Tenleytown East)

  • Guobin Yang — Chair

From Tweets to Torture Documents: Government Media, Censorship, and Transparency in the Age of Digitally Networked Information (Gunston)

  • Daniel Grinberg — "Black Sites and Black Boxes: The Gina Haspel Hearings, Torture Documents, and the Limits to Freedom of Information"
  • Muira McCammon — "Government Institutions and Information Disappearance: Deletion on U.S. Federal Defense and Intelligence Agency Twitter Feeds"

Gender Issues of Online Interaction (Fairchild)

  • Yilang Peng (presented by Volha Murashka) — "Fitspiration on Instagram: Identifying Topic Clusters in Comments to Posts Characterizing Different Genders"

Platformization in Media Production and Distribution (Georgetown West)

  • Emily Hund (presented by Caitlin Petre) — "'Gaming the System'? The Politics of Algorithmic Manipulation in Digital Cultural Production"
  • Opeyemi Akanbi — "The Hidden Curriculum of Lateral Surveillance and Human Black Boxes"

12:30 – 13:45

Closing Plenary: The Future is Bright, the Future is... News Media Beyond its Current Boundaries (International Ballroom)

  • Barbie Zelizer — Discussant

14:00 – 15:15

New Insights on Digital Public Spheres (Morgan)

  • Alvin Zhou and Yphtach Lelkes (presented by Kokil Jaidka) — "The Effect of Technological Affordances on the Online Political Sphere: The Case of the Twitter Character Limit Switch"

Novel Strategies to Influence Children and Adolescent Risk Behaviors (DuPont)

  • Yotam Ophir, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Daniel Romer, and Patrick Jamieson — "Counteracting the Effect of Pro-Tobacco YouTube Videos on Adolescents - The Potential of Text-based and Counter-Narrative Interventions and the Role of Identification"

Trump and Twitter Communication (Georgetown East)

  • Hye-Yon Lee (presented by Eun-Ju Lee) — "To Err Is Human?: Ironic Effects of Politicians' Twitter Blunders via Perceived Authenticity of Twitter Communication"

Wednesday, May 29

13:00 – 16:30

POSTCONFERENCE: Badass Ladies of Communication (Offsite – Northwestern University DC office)

  • Barbie Zelizer — Participant